New nests, new clutches!

After a week or so of the nest boxes being used, for some reason my finicky finches decided that they weren’t too fond of them any more.

So I tried removing them and placing in Canary nests just inches from the top of the cage with flowers on either side to give them privacy, and now every nest has eggs.

The baby is, I think, a hen. She moved over to the White Zebras’ cage a on her own [during a CFW free-fly day] and hasn’t moved. I added a nest for her, and she loves it. If everyone continues to seem happy with this I’ll just leave her in the new cage until after her first molt. I think in a while after I pair her up with it will be interesting to see what her clutches will look like. I haven’t decided on a name for her yet but I have fallen for her so much she’s staying with me forever 🙂

I operate on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to contact me asap to reserve a pair. These next clutches already have people waiting for them to hatch and wean so they can adopt.


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