Happy New Year! ~ New Mutations & Toys to Celebrate


~ Happy New Year everyone! ~

I hope everyone’s holidays have been and will continue to be jolly & fabulous! Inside the aviary here we have been celebrating and eating, eating and also eating. Ham on Christmas, steak on new years and soft food for everyone winged – yummy!

My new Fawn, Orange Breast and Penguin mutations have arrived and are settling in nicely. I was so excited to get them, they are so spectacular! I cannot wait to take pictures of them. For now, here is a quarantine cage candid of a rather handsome Fawn OB BB who has such a unique and lovely song. I’m still developing names for them as I see their personalities shine.

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,0fawnobbb
And gie’s a hand o’ thine,
And we’ll tak a right guid willie-waught
For auld lang syne!
– Auld Lang Syne
by Robert Burns (1788)

I’ve also recently stumbled across some adorable new toys from Prevue that I will most certainly be buying for all of my cages. They’re just so irresistibly cute! They’re from a set appropriately named “Birdie Decor.” In their own words: Birdie Décor toys turn your cage into a home for you pet bird.” 

With toys such as a water bed water trough, chandelier with bells, window flower box treat cup and more this little collection has far surpassed any toys I have seen for my Finches thus far. And did I mention how darn cute they are?! See for yourself (click on each image to enlarge it):


Also new this new year – I raised the pair re-homing fee to $40 and singles to $20 due to a large increase in interest. My prices don’t fluctuate often, but I do go through changes whenever I re-locate.  I am flexible when it comes to the re-homing fee and I do offer payment plans of small increments if needed.

The last new tidbit of the new year is an aviary upgrade update. After some research in safely soldering and working with metal around Finches, I have decided to change the segregated aviary idea just to be safe. I’ve decided on a mixture of double flight cages for the more finicky species that need more room paired with a couple of home-made aviary flights and the more traditional large Finch flight cages for individual Zebra and society pairs.

Well that’s all the news and new things I have for now. Besides new eggs! Every day with the new eggs, but I still get excited about each and every one 🙂 Please contact me to reserve pairs in advance if you’re interested, as I have gotten a large number of requests in the past month and I operate on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Holidays from LPBA!



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