The first 2013 Hatchlings!

Left: Baby butt! Middle: A full crop means great parents. Right: Little hatchlings just waking up.

Left: Baby butt! Middle: A full crop means great parents. Right: Little hatchlings just waking up.

To my surprise and joy this morning, three very loud beggars were squeaking for food, one so loud it overshadowed some of the CFW males’ songs. Everyone in their flight cages craned their necks to try to see the first babies of the season.

They belong to Bronson & Bella (Fawn OB BB & BC CFW), my colony-raised and newer lovelies. It’s been quite the journey bringing these newer pairs into breeding condition, and I’m glad the day is finally here for their first fertile eggs to hatch. I’ll be able to tell in the next few days which will be white and which will be.. otherwise! This is a mixed clutch so the colors will be diverse. I’m excited to see how they will turn out!

Bronson & Bella (Fawn OB BB & BC CFW) taking a short bath and nap in between feeding their new hatchlings.

All of these young are currently spoken for. Email me if you’d like to reserve a future pair and be added to the mailing list. I’m experimenting with new colors and mutations so not all offspring this year will be available to adopters. It will largely depend on interest and what I decide to keep as permanent pairs.

Here is a current copy of the reserved list:

1. Becca – 1 pair Penguins*
2. Marie – 3 pairs
3. Bill – 1 pair BC, 1 pair Phaeo
4. Jennifer – 1 pair Eumo, 1 pair Penguin, 1 pair BC CFW
5. Patty – 6 BC hens
6. Karina –  2 pairs NG, 1 pair CFW
7. Kharl – 1 pair
8. Sandra – 2 pair
9. Leslie – 1 pair

Bronson (Fawn OB BB)

Bronson (Fawn OB BB)

The following are on the list pending an email reply/update:
Katy – 1 pair

Lina – 2 pairs
Sherri – 1 pair
Debra – 1 pair
Millie – 4 males
Jolene – 1 pair
Luis – 5 pairs
Barbara – 5 pairs

* = hand-raised


  1. Rebecca Koch says:

    SOOOO exciting!! 🙂 Made me all warm and fuzzy to hear how noisy they were.

    I can’t wait to hear about more babies coming, and see the photos! -Becca

    • Aw I’m so glad to hear it 🙂 I tried to assess their overall colors to see if any will be white, but I see spots of pink and spots of grey so I think I will have white markings on at least one. I can’t wait either! Some of the other mixed pairs that are incubating will produce babies I’ve never seen hatched before.. This breeding season will be a lot of fun to say the least. Thanks for your sweet words Becca! You will have very neat colors to pick from 😉

  2. Marie Van Fossen says:

    Congratulations and I am so happy for you. This is the exciting part. If these sweet little birds are like any other part of the animal kingdom you will have a lot more little cries very soon. I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see them.

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