Hatchlings are almost ready to become fledgelings!

The first clutch of the season has been an eventful one of course! Still not sure how they will look exactly but I know they will be beautiful. 🙂

Today I saw 4 very well fed babies poking their heads out of their nest as they gather their courage to fledge. Parents Bella & Bronson (BC CFW & Fawn OB BB) are starting to lure them out with low chirps as they try to encourage them to venture out of their cozy home. It’s a happy surprise to see all 4 of their eggs hatched and were tended to so well. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the nest these fledglings have been living in. They decided to build a second nest right next to their nest box of course! Inside their box is an elaborate nest as well. They have been very busy builders this season.

A Canary-style nest will provide a more stable foundation for this type of builder and I will hate to have to take this little masterpiece down after this clutch! It will make for a great treat to all of the local birds at the park across the street though 🙂 I highly recommend recycling organic and natural fiber constructed Finch nests (I buy my nesting materials from Lady Gouldian), if for no other reason but to see a Robin try to make off with the entire thing~

It’s always important to clean nests after each clutch if you’re breeding regularly – to remove all feces, unhatched eggs, and anything else left over from babies inhabiting it for two weeks or more (by removing all fibers and cleaning the nest/box thoroughly). Feces and other waste build up causes multiple health problems such as skin disease, respiratory problems and infection among others. It’s a huge part of Finch keeping and I’ve been practicing these methods of cleaning since I began keeping Finches. Tedious at times it may be, it’s vital to all bird health!

Can’t wait til these babies fledge! Won’t be long til they stretch their wings C: Thanks for following~

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