New! ~ Community Section

After lots of labor, and lots of love, the new Community Section has launched! Now fans and visitors can enjoy a mutitude of new services and articles from fantastic new contributing authors:

I am in love with this new section! There was a lot of work put into the creation of it, and lots of detail on each page with updates and even more upgrades coming soon.

Also new ~ color scheme and text fonts from WordPress. I’ve also gone through and updated multiple parts of the website to prepare for our dot-com move. Which reminds me..

TWFA is moving! 🙂 ~

All content will be relocating to a new dot-com domain, and a new site design formulated by a team of web designers. It’s an exciting upgrade that is long overdue for the site, and will give all TWFA content a more professional and experienced look to match how far the aviary has progressed. Also as a result, you will notice that most content will be converted from the French title of LPBA to the English-speaking TWFA translation in order to match this new domain.

The Gouldians are coming ~

In the next few weeks or so I will be getting new Gouldians as everyone has probably heard me mention. I am excited as all heck for them to arrive! They’ll be housed in a large aviary, in a colony-style setup. This will be on a closely watched trial basis. I’m getting them from a wonderful local breeder whom I will be happy to post a review for after their arrival. Did I mention I’m excited!!

Baby Update ~

The Society-fostered babies have fledged, and the rest of the fledglings were weaned – half of which were sent to their new adoptive homes. I suspect the eggs Bella (BC CFW) is sitting on will be the next to hatch and say hello! Also I’ve bumped up my Penguins to top priority breeders and am very focused on their fertility at the moment, trying to perfect it. They’ve given me a lot of trouble so far but I do like a challenge. It takes a lot to catch the eggs just after they were laid and ensure that their tiny clutch sizes are fertile. At times they only lay 1 or 2 eggs so it is especially challenging to get their breeding condition just right early on. I will keep with it just like the last pairs though, the best results are due to hard work and dedication.

Next Week in the Aviary ~

I’ve got a nice new HD camera! Finally will be able to take more videos and pictures. Mark your calendars, the first live air date on the video channel will be on the 1st of May. I will also be busy decorating some of the cages, putting up their double-wide shelves and dividers, and setting up the new Gouldian aviary. I still need to take brooder pictures as well. Our multiple egg system is pretty funny to see. They almost look like painted Easter eggs.

Thanks for following! 🙂

Here is a video from the new Community Section. Please give it a look and let me know what you think. I hope everyone has a blessed and fabulous week~

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