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Breeder Reviews by Chelsea @ LPBA
Often times I will get messages from people asking me where they can find a bird that I don’t have or a mutation I don’t have readily available. I am happy to pass along those people to the best possible options for them based on my experiences with breeders. In the Breeder Review section is where you can read about all of my experiences as a buyer and recommendations to help you in your search to adopt the healthiest and highest of quality feathered friend. All reviews are assigned a general rating with 4 being the highest.


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Green Forest Aviaries – Wa.
Purchased: Male Red Mosaic Ino Canary
Also Available: Red Factor, Red Mosaic, Ino and other color mutation Canaries
Pecking?: No
Bird Health/Quality: Excellent
Current Status: Breeding & Offspring Available
AFA & CCBA Registered Breeder

My Review: Like everyone else who sees Blake’s gorgeous Canaries, I absolutely had to adopt one for my own! They are incredibly vibrant and nothing short of “gorgeous.” His stock is truly a rainbow of bright colors and very healthy looking and “chunky” as my juveniles @ TWFA are when they wean.

I was slightly concerned that the new voice of a strong young buck like him would overpower the other quieter songs of the Zebra Finches in the bird room, but his voice is very gracious and soft as well. His song and chatter is so beautiful and unique, so pleasant to the ears and not overpowering in the slightest as with some Canaries. I enjoy his voice so much! The other Zebra Finches do as well and are very intrigued by him much like they are with my Society Finches. The more melodious singers have been exchanging songs with him since shortly after he arrived and sung his first few notes.

His coloring is just as vibrant as I knew it would be. His red is very strong and his brown and black stripes make his overall appearance very handsome. Blake and I have come to the agreement that the “tiger stripe” markings which some of his Inos have resemble a brindle Pitbull, hence we call him my little Pitbull – he has an outgoing and active personality to live up to his nickname!

Blake raises his lovely songbirds inside of an indoor aviary located in an insulated backyard structure. This building is full of large and individual flight cages much like my setup in the TWFA bird room. My little Pitbull is very friendly and used to human interaction. He is clearly socialized and overall a happy & healthy little bird.

Green Forest Aviaries has wonderful breeding lines as it is clear to see from some of their photos. The owner has quite a talent with offspring available regularly throughout his breeding season. He has far more than the typical colors you would expect in a Canary, some mutations I did not even know existed. They are all spectacular in their own right but my favorite has really become the Red Mosaic Ino. His Red Factors are absolutely the brightest red I have ever seen in a Canary, just stunning and raised really well.

Blake was very accommodating throughout the adoption process, and even took the time to drop off the little guy personally. He was very professional and personable as well from start to finish. I highly recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a Canary and will continue to do so now as a satisfied and happy customer. I am excited to see how his aviary will expand as well once he acquires some Gouldian & Zebra Finches.

I feel blessed to have my little Pitbull knowing how spectacular he is and the exquisite genetics he’s come from. I’m honored to count this new little one as part of my flock.

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