Live Air Date Reschedule & Baby Update

Video still image from the last live Cage Cam air date featuring Leonidas & Lilac (Lightback BF BC). TWFA 2013

Live Cage Cam Air Date Reschedule
First, I want to pass along a huge “Thank you!” to all of our fans and visitors who tuned into the live session at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the 3-hour session was too long, it was not automatically uploaded to “the Google drive” and was lost in web space forever. Luckily that has taught me to shorten the session uploads and will not happen again in the future!

Next, I want to announce that the air date for the next Cage Cam live session will be moved from June 1st to July 1st. This reschedule is due to a large re-design we are in the middle of doing that should be finished by the end of June and will make for a wonderful reveal. All of the cages are being moved from tables to shelves and the free-flying toys/perch spots are all being replaced as well.

It will vastly improve everyone’s view of our lovely vista outside ~ a giant moss-covered tree that’s probably been alive for over a century. In our split-level edifice it feels as if we live in a tree house, especially with huge green leaves sprouting now and the wild birds visiting the branches during the day. The new free-flying setup will take advantage of that panorama with a separate area for juveniles.

Baby Update
All of the juveniles have flown the coop, but there are many more on their way! Here are the current list of hatchlings being fed by their parents or by hand in the brooder:
Lightback BF BC
Fawn Cheek

And here are the babies currently being incubated inside their fertile eggs:
Dilute CFW
Grey Cheek BB
Florida Fancy
Pied Society

Future Genetics
Now that all pairs are finally reaching their peak in condition, I can carry on with my genetic experiments! I mean color mutations of course. It’s been wonderful watching my pairs show their true parenting talents which now signifies it is my turn to take the TWFA characteristics and heritage to the next level with these new pairs. This is especially imperative as I retire many of my tried and true breeding pairs and lines. I’m not the most versed in genetics but luckily I have the guidance of some really incredibly gracious and experienced hobbyists who will help me soldier through and learn lots of new things to pass along on this site. That being said I have plenty of ideas and plans to pick from. I don’t think any are so unique that they haven’t been done before, but that’s definitely not a reason not to try it out for myself. Below is a little preview of what may come..

Here are some of the more “common” combinations I plan on creating separate lines for:

Fawn CFW
“Red” Phaeo
“White” Phaeo
BF BC Yellow Beak
Eumo Yellow Beak
BC with chestnut flanks
Fawn Penguin

And some of the more “not-so-common” ideas:

All-black Eumo (BF BC) ~ regular & Yellow Beak
Eumo CFW
Fawn OB BB BC (BB and OB-heavy / separate / possible Crested)
Pied “Red” Phaeo
Crested Penguin

Happy Summer Everyone!
That’s all for the moment.. Stay tuned for new photo and video updates soon. Check out the new article, and keep an eye out for more to come regarding Basic Cage Setup, How to Pick a Breeder, Hand-Raising Babies, and more. I can’t wait to show off these new little buggers and upgrades! Don’t forget to keep those Q&A submissions coming, Dr. Cathy is doing a fantastic job and has some very insightful answers to share. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful start to their Summer~



  1. Beryl Pierce says:

    Chelsea, This is great!!! I am sorry I was not able to watch this but due to my health or lack thereof (LOL) I find rest seems to come first!!! Thanks!!!! Beryl aka Lacebay

    • Thank you so much Ms. Beryl! 🙂 Don’t you dare apologize! I will make sure that all future “live” videos are saved so people can enjoy them at any time. I greatly appreciate your visit as always though and I hope you enjoy the next videos. 🙂

    • PS: I know I say it via email to the point where you’re probably tired of hearing it, but it warrants repeating: I hope you are entirely well again soon! I will continue keep you in my prayers constantly in hopes for a speedy recovery. I can’t imagine where I’d (or your sweet birds) be without your wonderful support and kindness~

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