New Voices in the Aviary

Our chorus of begging babies has evolved into an aria of new songs in the aviary. Our fat little beggars have turned into some beautiful juveniles. I’m elated with the colors that are hopping out of the nests to greet me, and the begginings of male songs as they begin their independence. We have a couple of surprises like our Lightback BC hen (pictured to the left) who is a lovely Grey/Fawn color and our BB split Fawn hen who will be joining her clutch mates in their new homes soon.

Hand-tame Babies
We also have a pair of hand-raised Phaeo babies (Fawn Cheek BB) who are scheduled to go to wonderful and loving homes with their new adoptive hobbyist owners soon. It will be sad to see them go but I will know their new parents will enjoy their company & affection ~ and goofiness!

They were raised by hand in my R-Com Mini on Lafeber’s Nutristart formula, and as you can see are growing into chunky healthy babies.

Here is a video of our hand-raised pair from the TWFA Video Channel~ I just shot it today and you can watch the pair fly to my shoulder when called.

For all of those potential adopters out there who have asked when we will have the next available hand-tame babies..

I will be removing eggs from select pairs to be incubated and hand-raised in the next few weeks. This will give their parents a break before I allow them to raise the next hatchlings in their season. I recommend 1-4 clutches per season for breeding pairs depending on egg and hatchling health/quality. I initiate this break after I remove their independent juveniles, old nests and do an in-depth cleaning of their entire cage/tray. This is also when I will allow for free-flying exercise.

This break in their breeding usually lasts 3-4 weeks depending on the pair. In this time they will rebuild with new materials and clean nests, usually immediately laying another fertile set of eggs. These will be removed and would otherwise be thrown away or shipped to other hobbyists/breeders. Since my hand-tame babies are almost independent and living in their own cage I will be able to select a few for the brooder to be raised from hatchlings again. Usually one or two clutches will hatch first and will be hand-fed.

White Phaeo
Fawn Orange Breast
Fawn OB BB
Fawn OB BB
Grey Cheek
Lightback BF BC
Yellow Beak

Coming Up:

  • Professional photos of the aviary and all of our pairs, their offspring and their natural environments.
  • More pictures and videos of our hand-tame pair of Phaeos.
  • Videos of our melodious male songs.
  • New Articles ~ On hand-feeding, free-flying, choosing a breeder & more.
  • Please Welcome our newest Contributing Author ~ Becca, an ornithology student & hobbyist!
  • Cage Cam live air date featuring multiple pairs and offspring.
  • A new dot-com domain and professionally built website.

New Live Air Date for the next all-day Cage Cam: week of July 26th, 2013
I hate to change this date again, but I need to only one more time! We are having a wonderful local photographer come out this summer to grace us with his talents in the aviary. It will be wonderful to have some new professional-grade photos of the newer pairs and there are plenty of babies to photograph. We will be decorating all of our cages in preparation for this shoot and closing the aviary for a few days to accommodate it.

BC CFW babies ~ almost fledglings! Aiden & Calypso (YB BC CFW x BC CCFW)

BC CFW babies ~ almost fledglings! Aiden & Calypso (YB BC CFW x BC CCFW)

Don’t forget to change your calendars! Our live Cage Cam will include footage of some of our tamer pairs, their offspring, maturing babies and our brooder-raised hand tame babies. The Cage Cam will run all day and videos will be uploaded every 30 minutes so fans and visitors will be able to access the footage at any time in the future. When the date draws closer and some plans are finalized I will be able to announce a specific day for the Cage Cam but for now just note that it will be during the week of July 26th.

Participating in Ornithology Research
TWFA is honored to help any ornithology research through the use of safe methods that do not put a large amount of stress on our pairs. This summer we are assisting research through the donation of plucked feather samples of many of our pairs and babies. This will also cause an aviary closure while we gather these samples and send them off to help Finches of the future.

Adoptable Pair of the Season Contest ~ Extended until September
After I chose one of the applicants as a contest winner, they regretfully had to pass on the free pair for health reasons so I’m extending the contest until the end of the season so I have enough time to pick a new candidate. This will also allow some of the last-minute applicants to have a whack at winning which I know some of you are very happy to hear. Good luck to everyone who has entered thus far!

New Affordable Shipping Box Price! ~ Was $43.15 Now $30 ea.
I am happy to announce that I have found a wonderful local retailer for the Omni and Economy shipping boxes that I require for all shipping services. This was a much needed change from the online retailers and their ever-rising shipping costs. Previously adopters needed to pay shipping fees for boxes which can be a frustrating addition to adoption costs, especially for first time adopters. From now on that cost has been drastically lowered for everyone’s convenience.

These Horizon boxes not only provide Finches with ample space to move around while restricting their flight to prevent injury, they also include a bio filter to protect pairs from outside elements. Even if you are choosing specialized airline shipping, these boxes are a requirement for my adoptions because of the additional safety they provide birds.

Other Summer Plans Changed
As much as it pains me to pass it up again this year, I will be staying home from the West Coast Show. I am happy to reschedule for next year, since I will be busy shopping for a car next month! Next Summer instead I will not only be able to drive my own car down to attend, but that will make it easy to have a booth of my own and possibly show off some tame TWFA offspring. That will be fun!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more baby updates and some new upcoming articles!

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