1 Month Bird Blogging Challenge & New Resources

(An updated photo of the brooder babies)

(An updated photo of the brooder babies)

Brooder Babies
3 More babies are in the brooder at the moment! They’re over the 1 week hump now & are almost finished feathering out into some beautiful colors ~ 2 Phaeo & 1 Fawn. They’ll be moving out of the brooder & into a cage soon. Even in the Summer months, my babies love the R-Com. They look like small dinosaurs at this stage of their lives, walking around on top of the nesting materials & stretching their wings. They spend some time each day being active & even clumsily pecking at the new materials in the brooder. They enjoy being pet as you see (right) & human interaction/other forms of affection.

Our other 2 hand-tame Phaeos are nearing their first molt and don’t seem to mind sharing a little hand space with their new “siblings” from the brooder. They hop around the bird room from cage to cage socializing with their favorite pairs during their daily free-fly time and are starting to reluctantly taste their Tonic Seed & Spray Millet. They’re still dependent on hand feedings and it will be a slow process to wean them. I’m really enjoying their company in the mean time.~

31 Day Bird Blogging Challenge
As things shut down here this month and we continue to decorate/construct in preparation for our photo shoot, I will be participating in Students & Birds‘ current Blogging Challenge (I talk more about their awesome blog below). What a fantastic idea for us avian enthusiast authors! 🙂 This will give me a chance to write more about the aviary in a creative way while keeping everyone entertained through our dust. I won’t be writing every day as the challenge implies, but I will be covering all of the 31 topics before the end of the season.

I hope everyone will join me on their blogs, online journals, Facebook profiles via notes, Pinterest boards via pins, etc. for this wonderful idea! This is a chance for writers here and otherwise to flex their creative muscles and share details about their flock. We all love to talk about our birds as much as we enjoy hearing about other people’s.

All of that being said, my bird-related updates will be textual for the next couple of weeks until after all of the pictures are taken, samples are sent of for research and I post my next update. I’ll be sending photos to adopters as usual but on the site I will be holding off on pictures ~ if I can help it!

Photo from Students & Birds ~ Click for more Info.

New Resources & Website Update
First I will say that the new website at the dot-com domain (still currently under construction) will have a new section dedicated to resources such as tutorials, articles, care guides, helpful documents, links and other information. I have been creating tutorial images, collecting care guide documents and other information in preparation for it.

For those of you following the new site build and asking for updates, things are still in the coding process. I’m still devising a layout for both the site and how the forums will look, and the graphic company is still working on the custom images for the new appearance. I should have visual updates in the next couple or few months.

That being said I have recently stumbled across a few new bird blogs, stores and other sites that are informative, interesting and part of our large aviculture community. I highly recommend giving them a visit! I am very excited to find them since I really thought there weren’t many bird blogs out there. Well, at least there aren’t many links to them out there as I’ve come to find. Just goes to show you how quickly the internet is changing – just 5 years ago there weren’t half of the resources there are available now which is interesting to ponder.

Students & Birds is a personal bird blog for an American woman “living with an Englishman in Scotland.” She covers many of the same topics that concern every avian owner, from foods & recipes to behavior, with lots of great resources. Her website is a pleasure to browse, learn from and read over with her eloquent writing style and beautiful photos.

Photo from The Happy Cockatoo ~ Click for more Info.

Also on the topic of recipes, while browsing around Students & Birds I happened upon a link to The Happy Cockatoo ~ a WordPress Blog with a wide array of delectable delights for our avian friends. Among all of her mouth-watering recipes, I was especially drawn to her Blueberry Sweet Potato Heart Treats. They are both cute & healthy, and no doubt fun to make. I will be using and posting more about her recipes in the future.

I also posted links to a couple of bird supply online stores, including Red Bird Products – which sells very inexpensive cage supplies including many of the the things I use in my aviary. I recently purchased about a dozen Jumbo Canary nests from them and was very pleased with their customer service & products. They also offer 14oz drinkers, Vacation Feeders, treat cups, toys and much more.

I also posted a number of local & national bird enthusiast groups on the Links Page. They pertain to surrounding areas as well as the entire state and nation. I will also be joining most of these organizations later this Summer or Fall.

That’s all of the updates for now! Thank you for continuing to visit, follow, comment and email. I always enjoy reading your words~


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