Days 3 & 11 ~ Bird Quote & What makes me :)

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Day 3 ~ Your favorite bird-related quote.

“Know birds, know life ~ no birds, no life.” -Unknown

I love this quote! It is really so perfect for keeping birds. Especially for breeders. We get to see the small nuances and miracles of life that others may miss from courting and mating to egg laying and hatching – all of the wonderful parts of new life being born. It definitely gives you a different perspective on things and your ability to care for animals. And hand-raising is an incredible life experience. You’re literally saving the lives of baby birds at that point. It kind of goes unsaid that animals who truly love you unconditionally and depend on you for their existence touch your heart in inexplicably huge ways, changing you forever. 

In my case seeing such fragile babies be saved and raised growing up was some form of magic. When I ventured into the process myself I felt so close to nature and God it was so poignant each time and is still that way today (although I’m not a very specifically religious person I should say). Every time I raise babies by hand or bring a bird back from a low point in their health it reminds me of this quote, and I gain a little more love for life and every crazy turn it throws at us.

Day 11 ~ One thing your bird does that makes you smile.

I know I am constantly talking about my hand-tame babies! But with 14 of them so far this season, they have kind of taken over my life in the best way. One thing that makes me smile is when they show me affection or cuddle up to me. I always melt! They give me little “Finch kisses” which are small, soft pecks and huddle up under my neck after their evening meal (VERY different from “stay away/put me down” pecks!). After having to minimize my time with them during the past week or so as I finish up with these upgrades (perch & flower/canopy decorations) it has been especially lovely to settle in with some cuddly Finches these past few days.

It also makes me smile a LOT to see my fiance interact with and care for the hand-raised babies. He has been helping me to socialize them throughout the season among so much other help he’s given me. It is sort of surprising considering that before he met my birds he wasn’t really a small bird type of person. Now, he has picked out a tame BF BC male to help raise to become his own (and has mandated – no cages for him ever!), and knowing what he now does about Finches has asked “Can we get him a light-colored mate? I will call her Smoke.” 🙂

For the rest of my flock, I love them each individually and in different ways as they have different personalities. My Fawn OB hen Lexie and my BC hen Lilac are both especially friendly and are nearly hand-tame now, they always make me smile trying to get as close as they can to say “hello.” Most of my Finches know their names already and enjoy my daily/hourly visits to check on their health, nests, food, water, babies, substrate, and just general happiness. They hop to the front of the cage and sing, “Hi, we are fine, how bout you?” It makes me smile to see them happy in their little micro environments every day. It also makes me smile to see them free-fly or play in the aviary and really get their wings going as if they’re out in a tree.

One last thing – my upgrades make me smile! The aviary I have constructed and am still gathering branches and decorations/toys for is so big it could fit all of my breeding pairs with some room to spare (5ftx18inx3ft). The free-flying tree is still being chosen (we are considering weeping figs) and the free-flying shelves still need decoration but they will be well used for certain. I’ve also got some decorating still left to do, but the individual cages I’ve gotten done so far make the bird room seem as if I have branches on the walls that weave through each of the cages. It looks really neat! It’s taking longer than expected but it will be better than I imagined when all is said and done.


    • Aw Thank you! 🙂 They are adorably addictive.. and my tame babies are so sweet & affectionate that they definitely make it hard to leave the bird room.

      Your flock/blog makes me yearn for one of the bigger birdies! So I guess we are even 🙂

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