2013 Juveniles Available Now

Finally! I have bred my way through the current waiting list. ūüôā I haven’t done that until the end of the season since the aviary started! YES, that means I do currently have juveniles available for adoption. I didn’t think I would even need a waiting list this year with the addition of so many new pairs but it has taken 2/3 of the season & 63 offspring for me to catch up with it. Phew! Everyone left on the list has been scheduled to pick up their pairs sometime soon. The juvenile aviary looks so empty now, but it will be full again soon as these current youngsters wean!¬†Here are the juveniles currently available for adoption:

1 Phaeo (FC – SF)
2  Fawn OB
2 Grey Cheek BB

1 Fawn OB
1 Fawn OB BB
1 Grey Cheek BB

Hand raising Penguins next 
I am still currently breeding, and will be hatching Penguins for my next hand-raised clutches as my Penguin pairs take a break in their breeding before they get to their 2nd and final clutches of the season.¬†I will be pausing breeding again for a short 1-2 week break for all of my current breeders, or I may end the season early with an aviary full of juveniles – I haven’t decided yet.¬†One thing is for sure, I have retired one pair to an early resting season after their 4th and final clutch this year – Ivar & Isabelle (Fawn OB BB x BC CFW). Their nest has been removed and replaced with a swing and pedi-perch for their rest & relaxation.

One of the largest adoptions was for a walk-in aviary, but every offspring has gone to a wonderful home this season thanks to the new Adoption Applications. They really help speed up the screening process and enable me to match people with the right pairs for them. I’m kicking myself for not have been using them all along.

New photos of breeding pairs & juveniles
While they aren’t the intended professional-grade photos I plan on having on the site long term, I have been able to snap a few good ones of some of my breeders. They are relaxing into the breeding season now as they wean their 2nd or so clutch and have been much more forgiving with the camera. Check out the My Finches page for current photos.¬†I have also posted all of the current juvenile photos on the Available Now page with their corresponding information and pricing tiers.

Plucked donations for a good cause
We have finished participating in the research project I mentioned, can’t wait to hear how things turn out next year. They were specifically looking for feather samples of the “lighter” pigmented mutations but we gave them a little bit of everything, from Penguin to Phaeo so I hope that will help them collect the data they’re looking for. It’s always interesting to hear what insights are gained into different pigments and mutations.

Aiden the BC CFW is about to give to the cause~

Left to do this season:
Finish decorating new cages & the aviary with natural branches, flowers & cage lights
Bird club/group memberships completed
Finish writing all intended articles regarding Finch care
Professional photos of all new pairs posted
Decorate the free-flying table & shelves
Place seedlings into pots & move plants into the bird room
Finish all resource documents for the new site (tutorials, care guides, etc.)
Sign off on the new website + layout + graphics & publish

That’s all for now! Thank you as always for continuing to follow and adopt from TWFA.~


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