End of the 2013 Breeding Season

Miles enjoying the view from his new bird room window this morning.

Miles enjoying the view from his new bird room window this morning.

Phew.. It’s finally here! That time of year where everyone in the bird room has reached their 3 pair or so limit and is ready to retire for a few months of relaxation. I am removing nests and high-protein foods and starting the switch to a resting season seed blend (very low in “black” seeds) and fresh fruits/vegetables. I’ll also be removing the soft nesting material floor that the breeder pairs and their babies have been enjoying to replace it with plain paper (something new we are trying this Resting Season).

There will be 2 pairs left who are finishing up with their breeding for one last remaining clutch (the Penguins) but after that there will be no more breeding until next season. Yes, that will mean the Penguins will get a slightly later start next season that I think they will enjoy. That also means as I said previously that a few from each clutch will be pulled for taming to keep the total size small as they like. 

I have chosen a winner for the 2013 Free Adoptable Pair of the Season based on the submissions received and will be announcing them shortly after their pair has been raised and are making their way to their new home.

I will miss the squeaks and begging of babies but it will fly by in no time! I’ll have plenty to keep me busy during our short rest. We just moved into our new house this past week so I will be decorating and entertaining our little Finch extended family soon. For more updates regarding our move including photos, add me on Facebook.

The beginning of the 2014 season is scheduled for January until further notice ~ don’t forget to subscribe for updates & new posts!

Goals this season that were accomplished:

  • Added new colors and new breeding lines ~ we now have breeding pairs for all USA Zebra color mutations here or arriving soon
  • Found the perfect 1st generation offspring for 2nd & + generation breeding which is planned for next season
  • Built an aviary to replace the male & female separated flights (made of two large flight cages – photos coming soon)
  • Raised close to 100 healthy & happy offspring: Total = 95 ~ all adopted
  • Raised hand-tame pairs: Total = 13 ~ all adopted
  • Conducted local and national breeder reviews
  • Re-stocked our Testimonials with more rave reviews
  • Launched the Community Section including the Avian Vet Q&A Page
  • Purchased the dot-com domain & broke ground on our new site (thewhitefinchaviary.com)
  • Improved the site content on care/TWFA history and added new articles
  • Added new pictures of pairs and their offspring
  • Decorated all of the new cages with natural branches, flowers & canopy, and UVA/UVB lighting (replaced all of the Featherbrites)
  • Added a new species ~ Society Finches ~ and found knowledgeable local breeders for Gouldians, Owls, Stars and many more exotic species
  • Answered numerous questions for first time adopters and beginner hobbyist breeders adopting from TWFA
  • Added potted plants to the bird room including a free-flying tree
  • Re-designed the free-flying shelves/table
  • Retired the older pairs to their new aviary flight at another location
  • Moved all the pairs into a new room that is over twice as large as what they’re used to

During the resting season, I will:

  • Receive my new Eumo & Dominant Silver pairs (then start their conditioning, oh joy~)
  • Encourage my current pairs to rest/rehabilitate and remove major proteins from their regular diet (they stay on their multi-vitamins however)
  • Re-condition all pairs to breed again at the start of the 2014 Breeding Season (around January) by adding high-protein foods and adding nests to all cages
  • Bond 2nd generation offspring for the 2014 Breeding Season in their separate cages
  • Decide on and purchase a new car (still going back and forth between truck, suv and hatchback)
  • Re-stock permanent cages, travel cages, food samples, shipping boxes & product materials for next season
  • Set up the Gouldian aviary and adopt my new pairs (then quarantine & condition them)
  • Add new articles on Finch care – specifics about lights, cage setups, hand taming, etc.
  • Finish the website and new graphics for the 2014 Breeding Season (hopefully but probably not!)
  • Find Mad Max a mate! 🙂 @ Green Forest Aviaries or elsewhere
  • Volunteer some time at any of the wonderful local bird rescues (post vehicle purchase)
  • Get to know some local club members and bird store owners
  • Become a member to the remaining local & national bird organizations I have not yet joined

Here are some color combinations I’m picking through for the 2nd generation pairs next season:

LB “Blue” CFW
Vibrant CFW
Eumo CFW
Fawn CFW
“Very OB” Fawn FC BF OB Red Phaeo
“Very Black” Fawn Eumo BF BC

And the 1st generations will still (and always) be available from:
Fawn OB BB

Now taking applications for 2014
I am currently taking adoption applications for the 2014 Breeding Season. I don’t anticipate needing a list next year which will be the first time I haven’t used one since I started breeding. That is partly due to the addition of multiple new pairs, and partly due to all of my current pairs condition being in its prime already. It is such a nice relief to not have to condition them into fertility! Which takes both time and many months of proper diet. Once that is accomplished the breeding season can feel as if it’s on auto-pilot.

Offspring staying @ TWFA permanently
Also this season I decided to keep the first pair to be hand-raised. They have become more bonded to my fiance and I than any of our other pairs or hand raised babies of the past. I could never part with them now. They’ve been aptly named Miles & La Fleur. Miles has been through a lot in his short life, nearly choking himself and starving himself at various points in his development needing rescue from his two caretakers. I believe the many “miles” he has put on himself has resulted in how intensely tame he is, needing affection as well as seeking it. La Fleur the flirt needed a name as unique and elegant as her personality is. She loves to spend her days enticing the various males in the bird room during her free fly time.

I also raised a clutch of BCs during a short break in the season and my fiance has chosen 2 males to keep as his own from this brood. The lighter, split to LB male has been named Smoke & his BF BC brother has come to be called Dopey for obvious reasons. Smoke has curiously orange cheeks though both of his parents are full BC as are all of their other offspring. This clutch has also been a part of my “no cage” experiment at the request of my fiance, living on the free flying branches and spending their days hopping about the cages and visiting everyone as my other hand-tame pair likes to do. This has made them very comfortable with any bird room visitors. They’ve been raised with their sister who is paired with Dopey while Smoke has his own CFW mate that he spends his days with in his own cage. Neither pairs will be bred in the future.

You can see videos of these hand raised and hand tame pairs on the TWFA Video Channel.


That’s all the news for now! More posts and articles coming soon.~

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