Current Aviary Offspring~

Here are the current aviary offspring! There are 5 adults who are still with us because they were intended to be used in the 2014 Breeding Season and others who were just recently born & weaned. My plans for breeding have changed immensely since the addition of Dylan & Strawberry. For pictures and information regarding parents, visit the My Finches page (still currently under construction). Hover over the image to read genetic information & click on the image to enlarge it. Enjoy these photos of our current offspring!

2013 Breeding Season
(saved for 2014 but plans have since changed)

BF BC male (Leo & Lilac) BF BC male (Leo & Lilac)  NG YB female (Zeke & Zoe) NG YB female (Zeke & Zoe) NG/PNG White (Snow & Brittany) BC male (Leo & Lilac) 

2013 Resting Season 
(year-round & early seasonal breeders)

Phaeo - Fawn Cheek (Ares & Hera) LB CFW (Leo & Lilac) BC CFW female (Leo & Lilac) BC CFW female (Leo & Lilac) Hand Tame baby Phaeo (Hermes & Daphne) Hand raised babies - Penguin BB (Loki & Lorelei) NG/CFW male (Smoke & Marshmallow) CFW male (Smoke & Marshmallow) 3 NG/CFW males & 1 CFW male (Smoke & Marshmallow) 

2014 Breeding Season

BC CFW hatchlings (Aiden & Bella) BC CFW hatchlings (Aiden & Bella) BC CFW hatchlings (Aiden & Bella) LB BF BC hatchlings (Leo & Lilac) LB BF BC hatchlings (Leo & Lilac) LB BF BC hatchlings (Leo & Lilac)


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