Requirements for Shipping within the USA~

Economy or Psittacine shipper

Economy or Psittacine shipper

TWFA is one of the few aviaries that does offer shipping. Why do I do this? Because I only use trusted methods which are guaranteed and also come highly recommended by other hobbyists. This does not mean that each & every situation is perfect for shipping. These requirements will help you decide if you can or should ship any birds adopted from TWFA this season.

Although each method of shipping includes temperature-controlled environments, I do have weather requirements for shipping. The reason for this is that these methods are not always without accidents or extenuating circumstances. After hearing multiple horrifying stories this past season from other hobbyists I’m going to be more strict when it comes to weather conditions this year & from now on.

In both the origin & destination areas, the weather must be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit but below 90 degrees. This on both the date of shipment and the estimated date of delivery. The chance of precipitation should also be 10% or lower, winds should be 10 mph or less. The bio filter included in shipping boxes will help keep out any drafts but it is not an absolute solution.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, after every live bird shipment arrives the recipient is then called and told to pick up their birds. This is a courtesy and not a requirement. If you receive this call, you can let them know to deliver the birds directly to your residence.

If for some reason you are unable to pick up the birds or fail to have them sent to your house on the estimated date of delivery due to a missed phone call, let me know immediately. I follow each and every shipment very closely. If they spend the night in holding then I will have someone local pick them up the next day and either keep them or return them to me, and you forfeit your adoption. Luckily this has never happened but one person came close!

Tracking Shipments
I follow each and every single bird I adopt out to other people. I follow their shipment in detail, even calling offices and such at all hours. I also follow up a month after they arrive to make sure everything is going okay. If you’re looking for a breeder who won’t care about such things, it’s not me!

As soon as you make a payment for your adopted TWFA Finches, you’re given tracking information or a date when tracking information will be available. If for any reason the shipment needs to be rescheduled or the label needs to be re-purchased, you will receive a new tracking number or date when a new tracking number will be purchased immediately.

Shipping Boxes
The only regulation-approved boxes are the Horizon Live Bird Shipping Boxes, so those are the only boxes I will use or accept for shipping my offspring. I will use either the Economy Shipper (aka the Psittacine Shipper) or the Omni Shipper (aka Omni Nest) models. You can either purchase one yourself or I do have them available for $30 which I do not profit on.

These boxes are required because they allow air flow but also prevent drafts. They each contain a bio filter for free, which helps protect them from the elements and outside factors. These boxes are not heated or cooled which is why my weather requirements are so important.

Gouldians are more fragile than Zebra or Society Finches, even more so than Canaries. For this reason, I will only be shipping them 1-day via airlines. The only airline I recommend using is American Airlines because of their specialized animal-trained staff. AA is also the airline of choice for many zoos across the nation.

Insurance & Holidays
I only ship on Mondays to ensure the birds won’t be stuck in holding over the weekend. If there’s a holiday that falls on a Monday I will ship the following week. Also to prevent lost or stolen birds, I will insure each shipment for about $500 at my own cost. This helps make certain they will be taken care of and no accidental loss of shipment will occur.

If your adoption meets these requirements, congratulations! The next step is to send me an adoption application. 🙂 Whitefinchbreeder @ gmail

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