Shipping Weather Is Here! & Aviary Update

A photo of my home state, GA. (TWFA 2014)

A photo from my home state, GA. (TWFA 2014)

Let the shipping begin! 
As some of you wonderful people waiting for a shipment of Finches from TWFA already know, it’s been unreliably warm and cold at different intervals here in Western Washington state during the start of this Spring season!

Thankfully we now are steadily getting into the warm weather with an overnight temperature that is safe for Finches to travel. I’ve been more lax with shipping temperatures in the past, but after hearing horror stories from friends this past year I’ve made the requirements more strict for the safety of my offspring. For more details on my weather requirements for shipping, click here.

Next week will be the first Monday with both a nice and warm (but not too warm) day temp and a safe low at night. I’ll also be leaving at the end of this week for a visit to my home state of Georgia for a couple weeks. When I return towards the end of the month I’ll be sending out offspring for shipment. I can’t wait for everyone to receive their new TWFA Finches!

rh pb female2

One of my RH females finishing up her molt & enjoying one of the many Gouldian Aviary’s privacy perches. (TWFA 2014)

Gouldian Update
Many of my beautiful Rainbows are finishing up their annual molt and look stunning! There are a couple of YH female stragglers who are just now gaining pins and losing patches. My BH male and a RH female are also mid-molt at the moment.

The Dr. Marshall system has improved their coloring in a short time, corrected any stuck issues, and gives the new feathers a beautiful, vibrant luster. I’m so happy I already had it on hand! I can’t imagine life without it, surely it would be much more difficult.

I haven’t introduced nest boxes into their environment yet but will be soon for each female! Once everyone has finished up molting & resting they’ll be ready to breed. Their 30 day quarantine period is now complete also, though they’re still going to stay where they are. They love our bay window so much I couldn’t force them to live anywhere else! I also love watching them from the chaise for hours, hearing their beautiful sounds from the bedroom.

Also when they begin breeding and after offspring are ready for adoption I’ll post more about my plans for their proceeds. As I mentioned before I’ll be donating the majority of their profits to local rescues which I’m really excited about.

Dylan the LB CFW being goofy! He is one of the newest permanent breeders who will produce 3rd generation offspring. (Photo by Randy Hume 2014)

Dylan the LB CFW being goofy! He is one of the newest permanent breeders who will produce 3rd generation offspring. (Photo by Randy Hume 2014)

Zebra Finch Update
There are lots and lots of babies in the aviary at the moment! The fledglings are all so adorable and just starting to leave their nests for a few seconds at a time. The juvenile aviary is starting to empty again, even as more offspring enter as they develop. I can’t ever seem to fill that thing before it empties again! It’s been really nice to actually have juveniles for visitors to choose from. Well, nice for me – for them it makes the decision that much more difficult. 🙂

Since the nice shipping weather just began I also contacted the Eumo breeder to get my pairs shipped from them. No word back yet but I hope to hear from them soon! I’ll also be pairing up my non-breeding pairs with their more compatible new mates, bringing us up to full breeding capacity.

Hand-raised Update
In the next couple of weeks all of the current hand-tame offspring will be off to their new homes. This will mean that if anyone new would like some hand-tame Finches I am open to raising them for you and allowing you to pick your mutations. I’m usually constantly raising babies by hand but this year I plan to take a break from Zebras unless someone asks me specifically in advance. I’ll be raising a lot of the Gouldian offspring by hand though! That will be a new challenge.

Future Plans & Photography
Besides raising some gorgeous Gouldian babies, I plan to be taking more videos when I return. If you’re a fan of my Facebook profile or page then you may have noticed a recent influx of high-quality photos.

That is due to a new snazzy camera my fiance bought as an early birthday present. It feels great to finally replace my old one! My previous Nikon D80s did not make the cross-coast move and when I replaced it, the new one arrived broken. Now I have upgraded to a newer model with more megapixel power and it definitely shows in my photos. Everything happens for a reason!

I’ll be scheduling new cage cam & aviary cam live shooting days soon, and include both the Gouldian and juvenile aviaries. That will be fun!! I’ll also be recruiting my fiance to learn some basic skills and help me to capture the hand-tame offspring on camera.


Thanks for following!! I’ll have my phone & laptop during my visit home so feel free to contact me with anything. Looking forward to Gouldian offspring & live recording days soon!~


  1. S Stull says:

    Your photos do look fabulous! I love your updates, and THANK YOU for your attention to flight temperatures! 😀 I learned from my own experience that birds sit on the exposed tarmac for upwards of an hour.

    I look forward to seeing more about your stunning Gouldians! Parrots who are raised by hand tend to have serious issues, but finches – while wonderfully clever – don’t hold that same emotional fragility, and I’ve only heard wonderful things about hand-rearing them. I very much want to adopt a tame little finch one day!

    • Thanks Sarah!! 🙂 I’m glad you like them! It’s so great to have a nice camera again & channel some creativity. I always really enjoy your beautiful big bird photos!!

      Shipping is always a nerve-wracking experience even within the state! There are different airlines and delivery companies who have animal-trained staff/temp controlled transit, but even with the best conditions I’ve learned that weather still needs to be accounted for. Luckily it’s never been a problem for me but the stories I’ve heard are terrifying! I can’t imagine going through all of the hoops you had to just to travel across the pond.

      People with hand-tame parrots have my utmost respect! It is much harder than raising Finches by hand and training them. I definitely appreciate my tame babies more because of it, they’re so cute & affectionate. I’m reminded of how special they are whenever a visitor comes by and they perch on their hand sweetly. You’re always more than welcome to any of my offspring! A female would make a wonderful cage mate for your Pip. 😉

      Lots of Gouldian updates to come and offspring soon! I’m excited to see what color combinations they’ll choose as a mixed mate environment.

      • don says:

        hey chelsea. thanks for the update. i do want a pair of the phaeo’s . i also need a couple of females for my penquin male. he recently lost his mate and i’d like to have a couple females to choose from. i am completely open to any birds you choose for me. let me know. thanks don

        • Any time, Don. You picked the best time to ask! Right now I have a wide range of mutations from Penguin, Phaeo (both Florida Fancy and Fawn Cheek), Gray Cheek, Fawn OB, Fawn OB BB, Yellow Beak & BC CFW. All are in the fledgling phase but most are easy to sex before their first molt. I’ll be sure to send you some photos by the weekend as I will be getting home tonight around midnight.

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