Slowly Moving Forward ~ New Offspring & Aviary Updates

It’s been a rough few weeks here to be very honest! Living with the loss of our sweet Miles & his shadow Mini-Miles has been much tougher on us people than the flock thankfully, especially since that’s not always the case. Miles’ mate Sweetart, his previous non-breeding mate (& sister) Fleur, as well as his “brother” Dopey have mourned his passing. Not many people expect Finches to mourn or have the capacity to feel loss, but they most certainly do. They will call out for them loudly, look high and low for their missing companion, and mope around in a sad funk. The best way to help them through it quickly is to spend time socializing with and sweet talking them as you usually would. It’s okay to let them see your sadness also, they will understand. Our Fleur has been very sweet to me every time I’m in the bird room, perching on my hand or shoulder and letting me get kisses and cuddles in. She definitely knew I needed cheering up and I wouldn’t have made it so far without her!

Getting back to calls & emails
I’ve been a little inundated since leaving for and returning from vacation! But I’m slowly making my way through all of your calls and emails as well as requests for adopting current offspring. We have plenty to choose from at the moment and some who will be shipped to their new homes shortly.

My first issue as NFSS Editor
As I mentioned in my last update, I’ve been burying myself in work since I returned home which has paid off immensely. I completed my first issue as the NFSS Editor of their bi-monthly publication which has taken most of my time since returning home. The entire magazine needed new fonts and spacer images which was a lot of fun to experiment with. I got to decide the entire issue’s style from this point on! Pretty neat project and took a lot of refreshing in layout & design. I’m looking forward to experimenting more design techniques in the future.

Gouldian Aviary Update
The Gouldians have finished their resting period following their annual molt, and they all look absolutely stunning! This means they’ll be introduced to new nesting boxes soon which is exciting news. I’m still researching the options and have narrowed it down to 2 types. It’s a pretty big investment and can determine the results of their breeding whether it’s successful or not so it should definitely not be taken lightly.

Society Finch Update
There’s been a lot of aggression between my pairs of Society Finches, and after some time of separation then re-introducing my Fawn Pieds to my Chocolate Pieds they still seem to be incompatible. This has caused me to do something I’ve never done before, and re-home the Fawn Pieds who are from a local breeder. I normally will refuse to re-home any breeding stock or any Finches I adopt because they’re my pets and therefore very loved but in this case they will do best separated from each other and other birds. This is also why it’s very important to socialize your offspring as a breeder!

We will definitely be adopting another pair that is more compatible with my current Societies who are great with other Finches (just not each other). Until then my female will continue to play with the aviary residents while my male socializes with his Phaeo neighbors.

1,000 Likes & 30,000 Visitors
We’ve reached 1,000 likes on Facebook, 30,000 visitors & about 60 subscribers! It’s a huge milestone and a great sign that our community is expanding rapidly. We’ve gone from a few hundred visitors a month to a few hundred visitors each day, and growing. This new surge in activity has picked up since my return to actively breeding last year, and we’ve gained so many new wonderful friends as a result. I’ve been mainly focusing on local visitors and adopters so this surge is sort of a surprise for me! It’s been great to get to see people’s reactions visiting for the first time and meeting our flock.


That’s all the updates for now! Look for another offspring update soon with pictures of new juveniles (Phaeo, GC & BC CFW). As always thanks so much for following and for being a part of the TWFA family! We wouldn’t have what we do without all of you.


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