We are moving! ~ Aviary Updates


Aviary offspring before they went off to their new homes ~ from left to right: 3 YB CFWs, 1 CFW & 2 Phaeo males. (TWFA 2014)

Yes, we’re moving again! I’ve honestly lost count how many times I’ve moved around in the past 5 years, especially before I met my fiance. I’ve been somewhat of a vagabond since my teenage years, intent to see new places and live through new experiences as young people in their 20’s often do. I’ve definitely lived life to the fullest & have been incredibly lucky to have had so many opportunities (not any that were just given to me, but that I had the chance to work hard for) not to mention the amazing friendships forged along the way.

Since I’ve started working with my current breeding pairs a couple of years ago, we’ve moved once from an apartment to a house this past Fall. It was an upgrade in space for the flock, from a small bird room to a medium size. It was also hilarious to see the juveniles in the aviary of the new house across the wall from their parents, too far to even notice them! This was also a huge plus for our free-flying tame pairs, with Manzanita branches installed all over the room as if it’s a giant Finch cage.

Beautiful furniture pieces by Kacey @ My Sister’s Stuff in Gig Harbor, Wa. I’ve finally finished decorating the place, great time to move! 🙂

Our main reason for moving is a landlord who is not very bird-friendly, or any kind of friendly at all for that matter. While confusing the Repti-Glo lights which were stored in a closet for “marijuana grow lights” during a recent voluntary inspection, he voiced a desire to end my lease so it’s important to me to get out of a potentially bad situation ASAP (we live in a legalized state). It’s a shame but as I’ve heard from other Finch owners it’s not uncommon! Though I’ve paid a deposit to keep my finches & they’re always on my lease, that doesn’t mean my landlord is finch-friendly unfortunately. That’s definitely something I’ll be checking out in our next house; a bird-educated landlord. I could stay in this house & fight this situation but to be perfectly safe for the flock’s sake, I think it’s best to move on to a more friendly tenant environment. I know many large bird and small bird owners alike have had to deal with this situation before me, it seems to be a recurring issue in the aviculture community but luckily a waning one.

In the end we lucked out with the timing of this next move, so many options to choose from in our price range on the market at the moment. We’re upgrading from a 2 bedroom to a 3 or 4 bedroom which will be exciting! I just finally finished decorating the rooms in this house, we officially have more people furniture than bird furniture. I’m pretty proud of the results!


A couple of Phaeo females & A NG/CFW male hanging out in the juvenile aviary. (TWFA 2014)

Zebra Juvenile Update ~ They’ve flown the coop! 
After a couple dozen of our juveniles were adopted at once, we hardly have any left from the last group of clutches! I barely was able to photograph them all before they were gone. There are adoptions pending for all of the remaining offspring as well. For the first time in TWFA history we actually had a selection for people to choose from which was nice, but an almost empty juvenile aviary is it’s own reward. That means we’re doing something that people like! 🙂

In preparation for this move, all breeding cages have been removed from their usual shelves and the wall has been restored to normal. It’s funny, you can’t even tell there were any Finches hanging from it! During this shuffling around a few pairs understandably ditched their eggs, but at the moment all pairs are rebuilding new nests and laying new eggs. It’s so cute to watch them all create different shapes & sizes building as much as possible for as long as I keep giving them materials. They come up with some intricate designs sometimes! I’m expecting offspring anywhere from 4-6 weeks from now after our move.


A few of the juveniles cozying up to one another in their separate aviary. From left to right there is a Phaeo female, Strawberry aka Berry our Phaeo male and permanent resident, a Phaeo male and brother of our Berry, Big Mama the Society Finch, and on the bottom is a BC CFW female. (TWFA 2014)

As you can imagine this transition makes a visit to the aviary much less grandeur temporarily but we’re planning to move within the next couple weeks so it won’t last long. Once the final few juveniles have been adopted we’ll be closed for visitors until after the move is completed.

TWFA Offspring @ Bridges Pets in Snohomish
I sent off the first couple of pairs to Bridges Pets in Snohomish which is exciting! 1 unrelated pair of Phaeos & 1 unrelated pair of BC CFWs. They have spacious flights for their Finches, vet adopters to make sure they’re compatible/educated, and I’m testing out their services to see if this is a good fit. So far I’m impressed with them! They are well versed in Finch care, and asked me many questions ranging from the everyday to the advance while vetting my philosophies. They obviously do some detailed research into their breeders before making a decision and they’re also trying me out as I do the same. I’m looking forward to getting the TWFA name out there further & having a place where I know my offspring will be well cared for, their new homes vetted properly. My next step will be to visit them in person as a sort of “secret shopper” to test their processes. 🙂 That will be fun.

Casper, the friendly white-headed Gouldian! :) (Photo by Meg @ Whidbey Birds)

Casper, the friendly white-headed Gouldian! 🙂 (Photo by Meg @ Whidbey Birds)

Gouldian Aviary Breeding Update & A New Addition! 
Also as part of this move, I’ll be taking apart the Gouldian aviary & temporarily housing their mini flock in our soon to be empty juvenile aviary. They’ll have plenty of flying space & of course their breeding will be postponed until after they’re relocated. I’m also adding a male to their flock soon who I’m especially excited about from Meg @ Whidbey Birds. He is a BH YB which as you Gouldian hobbyists know means he has a white head, and his name is Casper. 🙂 How perfect for him!

The Society Nightmare
As I recently mentioned, after showing unfathomable aggression toward my pre-existing pairs I’ve sought to find new mates for my Societies. Luckily I immediately found some Pearl Gray beauties who are from a TWFA used & trusted breeder, Meg @ Whidbey Birds. She spends time socializing her flock with both humans and other birds so I know they’ll be a great match for my submissive Societies! Can’t wait to meet them, they look absolutely beautiful.


Thanks for following & visiting! 🙂 I’m looking forward to a new house, a new bird room, a new chance to begin decorating again, and new offspring to greet me. Lots of “new” for us this year & even more to come! Once we’re all settled in I’ll have to schedule a cage cam & aviary cam film date.


  1. Luis Gonzalez says:


    Sad to year your moving. Where does this put us with my phaeos ?

    Also this a very nice bird? By any chance you selling this full orange male

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hello again Luis! I’m actually excited to be moving and upgrading in space. 🙂 Gotta always find the positive! Hope you & your flock are doing well.

      Your Phaeos will arrive the same time as your OB BBs as I mentioned to you previously, don’t worry! All of my pairs are either currently incubating eggs, or they’re finishing up their new nests and will be laying soon. You’ll be able to pick from 4 different lines all with different characteristics & markings.

      The full orange male you mentioned is a permanent TWFA resident and will be staying with us for further breeding. His name is Strawberry and he’s getting close to 6 months old now, he’s the only one like him I’ve had thus far so he’s super special! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Rob! Apparently as I’ve found out most bird owners have had to deal with landlords like mine at one time or another. C’est la vie! Luckily it’s the best time of year to find a new place to live & I’m excited about the change.

      We are staying in the area but looking at houses in the country & surrounding areas outside of the city this time vs being minutes from downtown. The birds will surely love that! We’ve got about a dozen choices within our price range that are a step up in size at 3-4 bedrooms which is why I’m excited. In the end we’ll be upgrading! Everything happens for a reason as they say.

      • Good to hear. I am sure the birds will enjoy the new location away from the city, we did the same… good choice! 🙂 Good luck on picking a place and getting relocated, hope the next place is more understanding about the birds too.

        • Thank you!! This area is so beautiful it’s almost a crime not to live in the rural parts. There are so many sky lights, giant picture windows, bay windows, and even sun rooms to choose from with these different houses so they will definitely end up in an even better bird-friendly home.

          I’m definitely going to show the next landlord the lights in advance so there are no misunderstandings in case they’re also not bird-educated! 🙂 What a ridiculous thing to have to worry about. Only in WA!

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