Donate to a Bird or Rescue in Need

what_is_christmasThanks to my Facebook account I’ve recently found out about a lot of avian rescues that I was not familiar with before, and their struggles to not only find homes for their angels but to continue to do what they love.

This year, I hope that everyone unable to adopt one of these angels into their homes either donates to their care or to the rescue caring for them. I also hope everyone chooses to adopt or foster even if they also choose to buy. Also remember, big birds are not like little birds in that they are a great bit different in personality & size of responsibility!

I’m very happy to be able to find such meaningful causes and great people to give to this year. I’m one of those people that believes in giving financially or voluntarily to something every holiday. I’m also one of those people that if my fiance didn’t stop me, I would donate every time I checked out at PetSmart, or whenever I see a can drive, or whenever I hear a Salvation Army Bell near Christmas time.

But this year! This year I can feel great about the birds and people I am helping. I can’t wait to donate. And I hope anyone who follows or visits here will donate as well.

  • naturefirstNature First, Inc. Parrot Rescue – Donate by clicking here. “Currently Nature First, Inc. is building an indoor/outdoor aviary for our feathered friends so they can live in a more comfortable cageless setting . Once this is finished, there will be lots of room for climbing, flying and playing! The outdoor facility will allow plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air providing a healthier environment. We are still lacking funds for the completion of this project, if you would like to help, please call or e-mail today!  Or you can donate onlineGoal: $1200.00 | Raised: $163.00 – Nature First, Inc. has been offered a challenge by a couple of kind souls who prefer to remain anonymous. If we can get 200 new donors to give a mere $2.00 each before December 31st, they each will match dollar for dollar thereby tripling the amount. This goal should be easy to obtain as ANYONE is able to make a $2.00 donation.Because we understand that everyone is struggling these days including us, Nature First tries to find creative & affordable ways for everyone to help. Please help us meet this challenge by making a donation today, then encourage all of your family and friends to make one too! So far we have 20 new $2.00 donors. We need more so we can meet the challenge!”
  • Background: “At Nature First, Inc. we rescue and help exotic birds who are unwanted, abandoned/neglected or abused and tend to their health and emotional needs.We provide all of our birds with the proper diet, exercise, love and respect. They are allowed to live their daily lives as parrots, not for what we think they should be. This enables them to become happy, healthy and better adjusted.We DO NOT ‘get rid’ of any parrot, occasionally we will receive a bird who can be adopted into a new home. We then take time finding just the right loving family to ensure the bird’s needs are met and everyone is happy. Others come to us with deepset emotional issues. It takes a great deal of patience, time and experience to repair emotional damage. During the healing process they form strong bonds with us therefore, they remain here. All beings residing at Nature First, Inc. have learned to share their lives and coexist peacefully. Nature First, Inc. also offers educational materials and seminars on the care and selection of the proper pet to fit an individual’s lifestyle and budget. We believe, when armed with the right information, people can make better choices and there will be fewer needs for places like ours.”


  • Parrot Earth: “This is how it works. A reader can nominate a parrot, (nominations in by the 25th of the month) in a rescue or foster home, that may need that extra attention or something special to ensure its quality of life is above par. We will choose one entry, and that bird will be the Parrot Earth’s sponsored bird for the following month. Easy enough right?I believe this will help keep the “good will” giving throughout the year, instead of making it just seasonal. Rescues often live off of donations and they usually will only cover bare expenses. The Parrot Earth Sponsor a Parrot Program can help the rescue or foster home spoil a bird for a month, that may have never gotten the attention it so rightfully deserves.The bird may require special medical treatment or physical therapy and the rescue may not be able to afford it. Or a donation of a toy for a plucking bird that began plucking because it was stuck in a cage, locked in a back bedroom and never given attention.  So clean out your car for extra change, clean out your purse or messenger bag and give what ever you can.  These creatures are in need and so deserving of your help.”
  • Background: “Twenty years ago I fell in love with hookbills, and companion birds. Through the years I have owned everything from parakeets, cockatiels, to large parrots. This blog is dedicated to my two African Grey’s Dexter and Cooper, and my commitment to “doing it right”. Making sure that they have a better quality of life than they did in their homes before. The world of aviculture can be so confusing with all of the opinions and information on the internet. This blog is my journey into the abyss, and hopefully my readers will learn something from my experiences, and be a little entertained a long the way. I recently completed Fundamentals of Aviculture from the American Federation of Aviculture, that was written by Rick Jordan, Barbara Heidenreich, and Robin Shewokis, and am working on achieving my veterinary technician degree and licensure. I am dedicated to continuing my education so that I can educate others.”


  • All Parrot Rescue: “We are in need of qualified adopters and fosters. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Following are items we always need: Cages / Play stands / Play gyms Toys–for both large and small birds Perches–all sizes and types (wood, rope, concrete) Sheets and towels- Crepe Myrtle branches, approximately 1 inch around or larger. Pesticide free please! Fruit bearing tree’s Nut, bearing trees, Walnuts, almonds, acorns, Paper Towels, Tarps for winter covering for aviaries. Chain link Radiant heaters, Did we say TOYS.. Gift certificates to Lowe’s or Home Depot ~ Helps with the building of out side aviaries. Food–Zupreem fruity or natural pellets Parrot blend mix without sunflower seeds Nuts in the shell–almonds, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, Organic fruits and vegetables, Fresh frozen vegetables, dried fruit, Gift certificates to grocery store–WalMart, Fred Myer Winco.. we buy bulk at Winco.”
  • Background: “About us – It is our mission and goal as All Parrot Rescue, to accept all species of parrots regardless of the situation of the bird.  IE: Special needs/behavior/age. We understand there are many reasons to relinquish to our rescue.  Life style/health or no ability to give full responsibility of owning a bird.It is our goal and mission to provide rehabilitation for those birds who can no longer live with their “parront” owners. To rebuild their trust in humans and to know human interaction can be enjoyable with corrective behavioral trainingSometimes it is not always possible for a parrot to go into another home and it is with a heavy heart that we will transfer the parrot to a facility that can house and care for birds that are no longer pets and they will be allowed to be wild birds as they should be. As wild as they can be.We work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other groups who share our vision. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at one of our activities, work parties or even donate funds, food or supplies we currently are getting established in the world of rescue. We have been doing this since 2007 and felt the need to expand to the public. With kindness regards.  A.P.R All Parrot Rescue.”


  • Treasured Wings Parrot Rescue – Click here to join their Facebook donation event. “We have been recently contacted that 7 birds (large parrots) will be coming into our Rescue, We solely run on donations , With this being a very busy time of year and birds are coming in with out cages, During this season we are asking all our feathered friends for your help to get these birds off to a great start, We will be travelling to pick up these birds, but are in need of help with the purchase of cages , toys , supplies, and vet checks , We are asking that you find it in your hearts to help them. Due to our wide area of birds lovers we have set up paypal to assist us with this –”
  • Background: “We are a parrot rescue that has been helping birds since 1995. We educate schools and groups as well as perform home visits with seniors and others. We are registered with Ontario.”


  • Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon – To donate, click here. “There are many ways to donate to our organization: 1) Donate your time & love by becoming a foster home to a bird in need. Click the link below to visit our Foster Home Program page. Foster Home Program 2) Donate much needed items such as food, toys, cages and other supplies. Product donations are tax-deductible! Click the Contact Link below to make a donation. Contact Us 3) Make a monetary donation. Click one of our Donate buttons to send a donation with Paypal. You can also send a check or money order to us at: Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon PO Box 14863 Portland, OR 97293. You can also make a monthly donations using PayPal. Simply click the Subscribe button below and select what size bird you would like to sponsor.”
  • Background: “Exotic Bird Rescue was founded in December 1994 due to a local parrot aviary neglect situation. At the time of this discovery there was not an organized group of people in the area that could help remove these birds and place them in a safe environment. A local bird club, the Emerald stepped up to take responsibility for the rescue and placement of the endangered avian community.Emerald Exotic Bird Society disbanded in the late 90’s and Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon was established to carry on the work. EBR of Oregon received its 501 (c) 3 non-profit status in August of 2000. Our Mission: The mission of EBR is provide a safe haven for birds in need and to seek proper placement of them through a variety of proven rescue models. Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is dedicated to providing ongoing information and education in the best practices of proper avian care and behavioral training to current and potential exotic bird owners.”


  • Lair of Dragons Parrot Rescue: “We are building a new outdoor aviary so that our parrots may enjoy this natural sunlight and free flying.  If you would like to set up a separate funds account to help us achieve this goal.  If you would like to help, you may do so below by clicking the button that says make a donation.  The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner these parrots get to enjoy more outside activities.  Click here to see some of the Beautiful Parrots you will be helping through your donations. Click Here You can also help by shopping at stores you already use daily and they will donate a % of the proceeds to our rescue.   Shop at the I Give mall or download their toolbar to track stores that donate . Use the link below to help in the fight to save these birds.. Click here to view stores Monetary donations are appreciated to help pay for food and supplies or direct donations of these needed supplies.  You can also help by donating bird what you are donating.  100% of donations go toward the care of our rescues.. OTHER WAYS TO DONATE: Parrot Toys, Cages, Perches, Food, Cleaning products, UV lights and Lamps, Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Air Purifiers.”
  • Background: “What makes us different from big rescues: Every rescue is unique in their own way and they all deserve recognition and praise for the work they do.  Just as we have our own views on how to operate our rescue, they have their own and a lot of larger rescues believe that birds should be quarantined away from everyday distractions, such as kids and pets in order to work with them in a professional manner.  What makes us different is that all of our birds are kept in a home based, family atmosphere where they can experience everyday life with adults and children and become familiar and accustomed to activities, noise, and other pets.   They are out of their cages all day interacting with us and each other. Each bird gets individual playtime along with group playtime if they so desire.  We take in a limited number of birds to insure we can provide each and everyone with enough time.  We do not warehouse our birds and they are not left in a store by themselves.    They are in our care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can monitor them  for behavior, sleeping and eating patterns, this way we can accurately pass this info on to a potential adopter.  We also have a very select few foster families that we trust entirely to help us care for the parrots that come in.  We all are one big family working equally to care for the parrots.”


  • Frosty & Friends Exotic Bird Rescue: “Our rescue recently received a large donation that will now allow us to start construction on our new sanctuary in spring of 2013. This new 4000 sq ft facility will allow us to take in even more unwanted feathered angels and give them a permanent, stable, and loving home!Donations are greatly appreciated! No amount is too small. Just click on the “donate” button to donate by credit or debit card here. All donations are completely tax deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law. If you would like to mail in a donation: Please make checks payable to: Frosty and Friends Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. Address: 1628 North State Road 15 Wabash, Indiana 46992″
  • Background: “We are Mark and Debbie Henderson.  We live in the small Midwest town of Wabash, Indiana.  Mark is a retired law enforcement officer who currently works as the transport officer with the sheriff’s office in Wabash.  Debbie is a hair stylist working part-time and they both spend every available minute caring for birds. Our love and lifetime commitment to birds began with “Frosty”, our first umbrella cockatoo.  Several years and many birds later, we saw the need for a rescue/sanctuary in our area.  Our rescue is in our home for now.  We hope to be able to expand in the near future.”


  • Save The Gouldian Fund – “Recent estimates suggest that less than 2500 Gouldian finches (Erythrura gouldiae) remain in the wild. Although once common throughout northern tropical Australia (Northern Savannas), recent declines now mean that the Gouldian finch is pretty much extinct in Queensland and restricted to small and isolated populations in the Northern Territory and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

    In 1992 the Gouldian finch was classified as endangered because of the dramatic declines in their numbers and range. Large-scale changes (mismanagement) of their native habitat are thought to be the primary cause. However, we know surprisingly little about the Gouldian finch, its habitat or the current threats to its survival.

    This is where Save The Gouldian Fund comes in. Save The Gouldian Fund was established in 2005 to promote awareness and fund valuable research into the decline of the Gouldian finch. The Fund is associated with a number of high-profile scientists (see thescientists page), who are currently providing great insight into the biology, ecology and conservation of this species (see research page).

    The Gouldian finch is also one of the most popular ornamental birds to be kept by bird breeders throughout the world – perhaps because of their amazing plumage colours and their comical antics. By recruiting and using aviculturists to help protect wild Gouldians, Save The Gouldian Fund aims to reverse the negative media image of bird keeping. The Fund will also continually provide up-to-date information for bird breeders (from our current scientific research) to further enhance the practice of aviculture (see aviculture articles) and the well being of all captive Gouldians.

    We hope that you will all get behind us and help us learn more about this iconic Australian species so that we can save this species in the wild (before it is too late). Please join one of our many projects, such as the new nest-box project, where you can sponsor a much-needed home for a wild Gouldian finch family.

    Save The Gouldian Fund is a non-profit charity and all donations are used for research and conservation management. Please help us to help the Gouldian finch by becoming a STGF supporter.”

  • Background: “Donations have been and will be used for a number of different projects aimed at understanding and conserving the Gouldian finch. To donate, please go to our Donations page.Current Projects: Nest Box Project – Wild Gouldian finches desperately need more hollows for breeding. After successful research, we have recently begun using artificial nest-boxes as a management strategy. The more boxes we can build, the more ‘homes’ we can provide for Gouldian finches, and the more we can boost both the population numbers and increase their range. All donations are invaluable and will go a long way to reversing the decline in this endangered species. Please help us to help the Gouldians.For more details and to sponosr a nest-box, please see our Nest-box Project page.Wyndham Conservation Research Centre – The Save The Gouldian Fund has just negotiated a 21-year lease with the Wyndham Shire for the old Wyndham Town Hall. This is a heritage listed building which had basically fallen into disuse and was currently being used for storage. Our intention is to convert the building and to provide facilities and accommodation for up to 20 scientists.Wyndham is situated in the eastern Kimberley of Western Australia, and is Australia’s northern-most town and port (and a great place to see saltwater crocodiles up close and personal!). This area is also home to large populations of Gouldian finches (and other finches) and Dr Sarah Pryke, James Brazill-Boast and other scientists and volunteers have been working hard there for the last two years – getting very important data on the ecology and breeding biology of these birds.We will keep you up to date with these developments.

If I’ve left out a rescue or cause that you know of please let me know!

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