I can has new aviary?

Though it’s been rewarding to take in and re-home birds, I’ve decided to upgrade our flock and add another permanent pair of CFWs along with some other new species and mutations.

In doing so, while my little Prevue Hendrix Finch Flight cage has been perfect for my tiny family and occasional guests, I’ve got to upgrade.

So naturally, I started a long bit of research.

I started with some medium cages and the idea that another breeding pair and a couple of pairs of another species would suffice, but deep down, I wanted to go bigger.

So I settled on two different and large aviaries.

The first, and #2 on my list, is the Prevue Royalty Pagoda-style Bird Cage.

Why? Because it’s different! I like different, and I like style. It’s a neat design, and it’s got plenty of space, yes?

I could fit probably 6-8 pairs of tiny finches in there comfortably, with plenty of room. Some breeders would go for maybe twice that many, but I don’ t need that many pairs, and I like to spoil my birds, remember?

I don’t get the lack of a pull-out tray, though. And no grate on the bottom? That’s just silly. No storage I can deal with, but this cage doesn’t seem easy to clean.

The last cage, and #1 on my list is the Marianna Victorian Bird Cage. While not as funky as the other, this avairy has a top door and larger main door, a grate at the bottom, and a pull-out tray. No storage I guess, but I don’t need it. Plus the top is more elegant than funky.

So I think I may go with #1, though #2 is about half the price. I’m so excited about this change! This opens up a whole new opportunity – to have more species that I love and to breed more pairs!

Though I’d have the space, I don’t want to overcrowd the birds, or end up with the nightmare of possible inbreeding. I don’t know how some breeders do it! Having 10 pairs in one aviary. I know leg bands work, but how in the world do you know from whom the eggs came from? Video surveillance?

In any case, I won’t be upgrading until about a couple months from now. Spare change at the moment is going to help a friend upgrade the living situation for his sugar glider, Momo. I love shopping, especially online, so I get to enjoy shopping, help a friend, and help an animal.

I just purchased a cage and a multitude of accessories, including vitamins and treats, from the best sugar glider shopping site in my opinion. I researched for a while for where I would spend my money, and Exotic Nutrition is just the best. It’s also where I get my bee pollen and acacia gum for my birds – since it’s so cheap there.

Next month, we’re buying netting for his ceiling so little Momo can have a canopy playhouse in his large bedroom, along with a multitude of hanging toys and ropes. The month after that, we’re buying her a ying to her yang – an adorable male sugar glider from The Pet Glider. After that, maybe the end of May or mid-June, I’ll be able to upgrade to a larger aviary.

I think I’ll post reviews of breeders as I re-investigate for new pairs.

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Marianna Victorian Bird Cage

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Marianna Victorian Bird Cage
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Marianna Victorian Bird Cage

Item# AEC026

List price: $479.99

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Wrought iron Victorian bird cage with opening top

  • Cage dimensions: 32W x 23D x 45H inches
  • 5/8-inch bar spacing, 3.5-mm bar thickness, 64-inch overall height
  • 3 feeder doors, 1 breeder door, large main cage door
  • 3 stainless steel feeder cups, 2 wood perches
  • Removable grate and removable tray make cleaning easy
  • Ideal for Cockatiels, Conures, Congo African Greys and Small Cockatoos

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Estimated Ship Date: 04/21/10

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Bird Cage

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Your bird community will love the rooftop access of the Marianna Victorian Bird Cage. The cage’s double rooftop doors allow additional space for your tropical birds to perch. Get easy access to your birds with the three feeder doors, breeder door and large main cage door. Customize your bird cage with our variety of color choices. Bar spacing is 5/8 of an inch. The wide wheel base makes our Marianna Victorian Bird Cage easy to move throughout your home.


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