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Breeder Reviews by Chelsea @ TWFA
Often times I will get messages from people asking me where they can find a bird that I don’t have or a mutation I don’t have readily available. I am happy to pass along those people to the best possible options for them based on my experiences with other breeders. In the Breeder Review section is where you can read about all of my experiences as a buyer and recommendations to help you in your search to adopt the healthiest and highest of quality feathered friend. All reviews are assigned a general rating with 4 being the highest.


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The Finch Fanatic – Banning, Ca.
Purchased: FF, FC, LB, BC, BF, YB, Phaeo, OB, Fawn, Grey Cheek, BB
Also Available: Every Zebra mutation you could want or imagine!
Pecking?: None
Bird Health/Quality: Very Excellent ~ Show Quality/Champion Winning
Current Status: Breeding & Offspring Available
NFSS Registered Breeder

Phaeo & YB juveniles raised from Finch Fanatic pairs

Phaeo & YB juveniles raised from Finch Fanatic pairs

My Review: I want to give this breeder 10 *’s instead of just 4! She has not only given me some of the most wonderful Zebras and made TWFA what it is today, she has also recently placed twice in the 2013 West Coast Zebra & Society Finch show. That is not an easy feat to say the least!

She placed for her Florida Fancies, and needless to say I am in love with mine. I contacted her at the start of the 2013 season looking for Phaeos and a couple of other colors as a Valentine’s Day present from my fiance, and her response was basically “give me a list of your dream colors, and I will make it happen.” She definitely did! And with a hugely discounted price for multiple pairs, I feel like I got the deal of a lifetime. Continue reading


Requirements for Shipping within the USA~

Economy or Psittacine shipper

Economy or Psittacine shipper

TWFA is one of the few aviaries that does offer shipping. Why do I do this? Because I only use trusted methods which are guaranteed and also come highly recommended by other hobbyists. This does not mean that each & every situation is perfect for shipping. These requirements will help you decide if you can or should ship any birds adopted from TWFA this season.

Although each method of shipping includes temperature-controlled environments, I do have weather requirements for shipping. The reason for this is that these methods are not always without accidents or extenuating circumstances. After hearing multiple horrifying stories this past season from other hobbyists I’m going to be more strict when it comes to weather conditions this year & from now on. Continue reading

Now a member of the NFSS!!

Have you noticed a snazzy new addition to our website sidebar?? It’s a graphic I created to signify a new & life-long membership. 🙂 I just joined today so I haven’t ordered my leg bands yet but I will soon, and you can rest assured that I will be purchasing the plastic split version when I do vs the closed metal (which is prone to causing injuries). I will also be placing the leg bands in a separate bag for adopters unless they request that the bands be applied ahead of time. I don’t like to use leg bands unless I absolutely have to – i.e. when the juvenile aviary is filling up and I need to be able to tell offspring apart or if someone makes a special request.

I’m really excited about becoming a member!! Needless to say the NFSS is the epitome of perfection & standard for the rest of the Finch community. They not only actively advocate for all birds and Finches, but they also hold the most prestigious shows in the country. I can’t wait to soak up some knowledge from other members and pick their brains for information.


Meet Quigley ~ The 2014 Bird of the Season & Our Mascot

May 22 179Congratulations to the ever so handsome Quigley! He will be our informal mascot of sorts this season, encouraging us all as Finch owners to become acquainted with the many beautiful parrot species we share the avian community with. He is a Rosy Bourke Parakeet (click here for more info about his species). Expect more stories and photos as the season progresses.

Isn’t he just so handsome and adorable?! I think so too! I could look at his gorgeous pictures all day. He is not only nice to look at, he’s also got a big heart and loves his people.

Here is how his owner (and momma) Kristy explains how he came to join her family: Quigley picked me as his own while picking up a hand-fed parakeet that wanted nothing to do with me. He loves to help me with everything, including decorating the Christmas tree each year by inspecting each ornament and making sure the branches are sturdy.

Visitors are greeted with a whistle and a kiss and evenings and weekends are full of cuddles, kisses and various tunes which he practices every day. Each morning we shower together and if extra rinse is needed jumps in with dad.

Quigley is never far behind and always arrives before we do, no matter where we are headed in the house.

Current Aviary Offspring~

Here are the current aviary offspring! There are 5 adults who are still with us because they were intended to be used in the 2014 Breeding Season and others who were just recently born & weaned. My plans for breeding have changed immensely since the addition of Dylan & Strawberry. For pictures and information regarding parents, visit the My Finches page (still currently under construction). Hover over the image to read genetic information & click on the image to enlarge it. Enjoy these photos of our current offspring!

2013 Breeding Season
(saved for 2014 but plans have since changed)

BF BC male (Leo & Lilac) BF BC male (Leo & Lilac) Continue reading

Let the 2014 Breeding Season begin!!

A very "Red" Phaeo male we are keeping for 3rd generation breeding. He is aptly named Strawberry for obvious reasons. (TWFA 2014)

A very “Red” Phaeo male we are keeping for 3rd generation breeding. He is aptly named Strawberry for obvious reasons. (TWFA 2014)

With a Breeding Season like we had for 2013, I should have expected that the following Resting Season would be eventful and full of surprises. It did not disappoint!

TWFA gets some special attention
We’ve been getting a lot of it lately!! And it’s always very flattering and very appreciated. First, a picture of the hand raised babies was shared by the Doodlebug Duds Facebook page. We sent them a thank you alongside a customer appreciation photo, and they thought it was pretty neat that one of their hand-made pet beds was being used by little birdies.

Next, my favorite blog and birdie blog Students & Birds published my guest article about owning Zebra Finches. Her site is so cool!! She’s always got such innovative ideas for her series posts and this one does not disappoint, featuring different bird species being explained in depth by a long-time owner. And lastly, shared my recent photo of the updated juvenile aviary. They are a great resource for different bits of Finch-related information and will post lots of pictures of different species & mutations on their page. I also want one of their Gouldian posters!

A LB CFW male enjoying the juvenile aviary. (TWFA 2014)

2014 New Mutations
Here are a list of the new mutations we’ve come up with during this “off season” with lots of luck and wonderful parents: Lightback CFW (pictured left), Very “Red” Phaeo (pictured top right), Very Black BF BC, Fawn Yellow Beak, Fawn Penguin (pictured bottom right), and a very Vibrant CFW (pictures coming soon!).

These have all manifested in our 2013 offspring and will be bred further for 3rd generation offspring. I was highly lucky to get these colors by chance! I had expected to wait until 3rd or 4th generations. It’s a true testament to the excellent breeding of my pairs from their original breeder. I will also be leaving a review for her shortly. It has been written for some time but things have been a lot busier than originally anticipated! Now there will be many photos to accompany it. Continue reading

Fledglings Available for Adoption in Alabama

Bean, while she was determined to incubate seed.

Bean, determined to incubate seed.

**UPDATED 9/28/13!**

Hi finch friends!

This is Becca — I posted several months ago about my work as an ornithology technician in the New Hampshire forests.

I also keep a small (but growing) colony of zebra finches in a spare room in my apartment.  I can’t wait to post someday to share with you my trials and tribulations as a new finch owner but longtime bird lover, though for now I post with a different purpose!

I have embarked on the journey of breeding these little birds from time to time, both for my own personal enjoyment and to encourage pair bonding to stabilize my once-squabbling colony.

Given my space limitations, however, I sometimes find myself with several babies in need of good homes.  Chelsea has kindly allowed me to advertise my available birds here.  She has been a truly invaluable mentor in helping me foster these fat little friends!

Pancake, sitting fat and sassy.

Pancake, sitting fat and sassy.

Right now, I am looking for homes for three CFW sisters and a CFW/Fawn male.  Their parents, named Bean and Pancake, are personal favorites of mine for their especially fluffy demeanor and bold personalities.

The fledgies are still young (less than 2 months old) and seem to delight in rolling around in feces, but they are sweet and perky — and just starting to squeak tiny “beeps” of their own. Continue reading

When does Sharing cross the line into Plagiarism?

This photo collage is an example of plagiarism that I had to deal with today - note the use of TWFA & eFinch photos.

This photo collage is an example of plagiarism that I had to deal with today – note the use of TWFA & eFinch photos.

Here’s a topic that I haven’t yet really discussed @ TWFA, but it is especially bothering me lately: PLAGIARISM. Don’t get me wrong, I love shares, likes, comments, reposts, etc.! Love them! Any time that happens & credit is given back to TWFA I am happy, even if that person is blatantly ripping us off & slapping a link back somewhere incognito. I smile, hug them mentally for getting our name out there in some way, & let it go. (Of course checking up on whomever/wherever we are affiliated with.)

But blatantly cropping out my watermark, or stealing photos/text/content from my site & sharing or copying them without credit (like this photo) – that is plagiarism at it’s worst & just plain thievery. I will always protect my work & anyone else’s that I see being plagiarized. I worked hard for my flock, to raise the hand tame babies, to carefully test nests / formula / diet / supplements / housing / lights & then tweak things to get it just right. I spent weeks on my articles on basic care & how-to’s. I spent 4+ years on my website, with lots of daily work in the past 2. I am not about to share credit with anyone that doesn’t deserve it!!

So please, share, comment, like, & repost – I always greatly appreciate it! I like to repay the favor also & check up on fans. But please note where you got it from. Feel free to use my info on your websites but please quote me when you do (or just repost my articles in quotes) & link back to me. If you think something is questionable as to whether or not I would appreciate it being shared, feel free to ask any time. If you’ve made a website and it looks or sounds a lot like mine, change it! Make it your own & put your personal talents into it – it will grow. I am always here to help as I say, so please continue to contact me via pm or email: whitefinchbreeder@gmail with any questions, concerns, or if you need help.~

Shedding Some Light on Cage Lights

One of the “original” pairs ~ My first male Oedipus the CFW enjoying the warmth of his cage light & acting curious as I photograph him. (TWFA 2010)

This article is part of my series “10 Misinformed Facts” about topics relating to keeping Finches. Throughout this series I will cover 10 misconceptions for each subject in hopes that my “tips” will help hobbyists sort through their research to better their flock’s care. 

We’ve all battled with cage lights as small animal owners. Should we use them? What kind should we buy? What sort of bulbs do I use? Are they 100% safe?

The fact of the matter is that we can’t find all of the answers in one place. Some people talk about full spectrum, some speak of UVB. Others still swear by natural lighting. It can be overwhelming so the typical owner will stray from lights altogether.

I can honestly say that if you are not using cage lights for your indoor birds then you are depriving them of an aspect of their natural environment, just like deciding not to give them greens or grit. Most indoor setups are not sufficiently lit without them because windows are not exposed to direct sunlight at all times during the day, or the windows filter too much of the natural light rays. Also in some states such as our beloved Washington that we now call home, the day and night hours can be too random or incomplete for Finches. Our sunrise can range from 5-7am and our sunset has ranged from 4-11pm, therefore we need to regulate our flock with artificial lighting. Continue reading

3 Fawn Male Zebra Finches Available Now

by Marie

My Finch journey started out when I adopted my first pair of young Zebra Finches from Chelsea @ TWFA. I chose two unrelated Fawn OB BB birds so they would go on to breed later.

My birds were really active, singing and happy when I brought them home. The little hen’s beak turned orange just like Chelsea said it would. The little male tickled me with all the crowing he did and the little hen chimed right in. He has a cute little song. Continue reading

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