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Shedding Some Light on Cage Lights

One of the “original” pairs ~ My first male Oedipus the CFW enjoying the warmth of his cage light & acting curious as I photograph him. (TWFA 2010)

This article is part of my series “10 Misinformed Facts” about topics relating to keeping Finches. Throughout this series I will cover 10 misconceptions for each subject in hopes that my “tips” will help hobbyists sort through their research to better their flock’s care. 

We’ve all battled with cage lights as small animal owners. Should we use them? What kind should we buy? What sort of bulbs do I use? Are they 100% safe?

The fact of the matter is that we can’t find all of the answers in one place. Some people talk about full spectrum, some speak of UVB. Others still swear by natural lighting. It can be overwhelming so the typical owner will stray from lights altogether.

I can honestly say that if you are not using cage lights for your indoor birds then you are depriving them of an aspect of their natural environment, just like deciding not to give them greens or grit. Most indoor setups are not sufficiently lit without them because windows are not exposed to direct sunlight at all times during the day, or the windows filter too much of the natural light rays. Also in some states such as our beloved Washington that we now call home, the day and night hours can be too random or incomplete for Finches. Our sunrise can range from 5-7am and our sunset has ranged from 4-11pm, therefore we need to regulate our flock with artificial lighting. Continue reading

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