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Getting to Know Quigley ~ 2014 BOTS

We are honored to have Quigley the Bourke Parakeet as the TWFA 2014 Bird of the Season winner! He is our official mascot for the current breeding season and we will post updates about him regularly. As you can see he represents the parrot/hookbill side of the avian community and brings us all together as avian hobbyists or just enthusiasts. To find out more about this contest or to apply for next season, click here


quigleyQuigley’s Story

by Kristy

Quigley is the first Bourke Parakeet that I have ever owned. He picked me which makes him an extra special purchase! I was at the pet store because I needed a friend and didn’t even know it. I didn’t find out why he picked me until later during a family crisis.

I lost my Mother 6 years ago to pulmonary fibrosis and miss her dearly every day. Sometimes I’d have dreams about our good memories together, but other dreams were messages from Heaven. Over the course of several days I had the same dream and the only words I could understand was mom telling me “everything is okay,” and I kept asking her, “what’s okay Mom?” It wasn’t until I got the phone call from my sister that her son had a knee injury which they thought was cancer and would possibly have to amputate. At that moment I understood the dream and told my sister, “Everything is okay!” As we found out it was okay just as Mom had said. Little did I know that there was more to her message.

quigley sleepyThat night, I had that dream again. “Everything was okay,” my Mom said to me and I replied, “Yes Mom, we miss you and love you.” She then asked me, “Do you love Quigley?” I responded, “Yes I love him, how did you know?” Her answer was, “I love him too.” This is when I knew he was a special gift to help me through the hard times.

In this picture (right) is Quigley when he gets sleepy in the evenings and loves to nap on a shoulder. Any shoulder will do, but sometimes he prefers a toe. He loves sneaking off on Saturday afternoons and he’ll whistle for me from the bedroom. I can always find him waiting on my pillow. Those are the best times for snuggling and he’ll put me right to sleep when he starts “crackin.” They are very short power naps, but it’s our weekend routine. I can’t imagine Saturdays without our naps. Continue reading

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