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When does Sharing cross the line into Plagiarism?

This photo collage is an example of plagiarism that I had to deal with today - note the use of TWFA & eFinch photos.

This photo collage is an example of plagiarism that I had to deal with today – note the use of TWFA & eFinch photos.

Here’s a topic that I haven’t yet really discussed @ TWFA, but it is especially bothering me lately: PLAGIARISM. Don’t get me wrong, I love shares, likes, comments, reposts, etc.! Love them! Any time that happens & credit is given back to TWFA I am happy, even if that person is blatantly ripping us off & slapping a link back somewhere incognito. I smile, hug them mentally for getting our name out there in some way, & let it go. (Of course checking up on whomever/wherever we are affiliated with.)

But blatantly cropping out my watermark, or stealing photos/text/content from my site & sharing or copying them without credit (like this photo) – that is plagiarism at it’s worst & just plain thievery. I will always protect my work & anyone else’s that I see being plagiarized. I worked hard for my flock, to raise the hand tame babies, to carefully test nests / formula / diet / supplements / housing / lights & then tweak things to get it just right. I spent weeks on my articles on basic care & how-to’s. I spent 4+ years on my website, with lots of daily work in the past 2. I am not about to share credit with anyone that doesn’t deserve it!!

So please, share, comment, like, & repost – I always greatly appreciate it! I like to repay the favor also & check up on fans. But please note where you got it from. Feel free to use my info on your websites but please quote me when you do (or just repost my articles in quotes) & link back to me. If you think something is questionable as to whether or not I would appreciate it being shared, feel free to ask any time. If you’ve made a website and it looks or sounds a lot like mine, change it! Make it your own & put your personal talents into it – it will grow. I am always here to help as I say, so please continue to contact me via pm or email: whitefinchbreeder@gmail with any questions, concerns, or if you need help.~

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