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Quigley’s Flock Mates ~ 2014 BOTS

We are honored to have Quigley the Bourke Parakeet as the TWFA 2014 Bird of the Season winner! He is our official mascot for the current breeding season and we will post updates about him regularly. As you can see he represents the parrot/hookbill side of the avian community and brings us all together as avian hobbyists or just enthusiasts. To find out more about this contest or to apply for next season, click here


Photo by Kristy

Finch Friends of the Handsome Quigley

by Kristy

Quigley lives life as a very spoiled bird. He lives in a Condo below his finch friends, Snap, Crackle, Poppy and Cocoa Puff. Rent is free, meals are delivered daily to his door and even has a heated perch. The condo is furnished with his favorite mirror and several shredding toys. Carpeting is edible and provides foraging time for his favorite treats such as millet and popcorn and Cheerios. An all time favorite is corn on the cob.

He waits patiently during the weekdays while Mom works hard to earn money for all his toys and treats. He loves shredding paper! But when I come home in the evenings…he whistles all his tunes until I open his door to fly free. His finch friends have learned that free flight is a great activity and they get to come out and play too. They also live in a condo on the top floor, and love to visit Quigleys condo and steal treats to take home for later.

Photo by Kristy

Photo by Kristy

Our weekends are usually spent outside on the patio eating toast and watching his wild friends at the bird feeders. Occasionally he’ll get a visit by a humming bird or chickadee for close inspection. I’m sure they wonder why he would get himself stuck in a cage!

Quigley is most active in mornings and the evenings but settles down for naps throughout the day. Usually sings himself to sleep with a very quiet tune of various songs he has learned. When he’s ready for bed in the evenings he will put himself to bed on his warm cozy perch.

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