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UPDATE ~ Adopted! :)

This is a courtesy Community listing for a new TWFA fan and not in any way related to our pairs or offspring. The author has been screened and found to be a wonderfully dedicated new Finch Momma. Please email her if you would like to adopt her juveniles at the point of contact she has listed below. I am still breeding through a waiting list at this point in the season but her offspring are ready to go to their new home immediately. You can request your own listing by contacting me at my email.


2 Rescued, Related Pairs ~ Available Now

By Terri

I recently acquired a pair of Zebra Finches and four babies, a lady was selling them all and the cage for $25 so I bought them mainly to get them out of the deplorable state they were in. They look very healthy amazing enough, but the cage looked like it had never been cleaned.

Long story short, I brought them home. They are eating well and I have been giving them a better diet than they had , starting slow , I don’t want to tax their  systems. The babies are feeding themselves now with only a little feeding from Mom and Dad, They are good parents even herding them into the nest when it is time to go down for the evening. I would really like to find good homes for the little one’s. Continue reading

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