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Videos of Egg Binding Progression & Treatment~

Egg binding. We all hate those words. They are very often deadly, and always painful for your bird to experience. It’s also pretty scary to see your female Finch sitting there, on the bottom of the cage, eyes shut in pain, dying slowly.

Fortunately thanks to the Dr. Marshall program, we don’t have many cases of egg binding while using the products in combination with each other (Ioford & Dufo Plus). However every rare once in a while it still happens. No matter what you do you need to be ready for it, especially if you’re a breeder. What do you do?

The first step is identifying whether or not your hen is actually egg bound. If she is, she will be fluffed up in pain, seemingly very fat and pregnant, possibly with a wet or swollen (or both) vent area, unable to move, staying on the bottom of the cage. It is possible to catch it very early when your hen begins to slow down her movements and starts seeming a little tired or a little pained. Since all birds hide their symptoms, most often than not you will notice an egg bound hen when she’s hours away from death displaying all symptoms at once and seeming frozen in pain.

Last night, one of my hens started showing severe signs of egg binding. One minute I was in the bird room feeding the babies, watching her and the rest of the flock bounce around their cages. When I came in for their next feeding, she was on the floor of her cage. Her eyes were not yet closed but I could tell something was wrong. She had seemed a bit sluggish before but was that pregnancy or egg binding?

In this video you can see my female BC “Lilac” is showing symptoms of being in severe pain due to egg binding. Step 1 is identifying the symptoms & treating immediately. Shortly after this video she was given a few drops of Calcium Plus through a syringe. (The lights have gone off for the night as it was about 7:30 when this video was taken.)

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