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Meet Quigley ~ The 2014 Bird of the Season & Our Mascot

May 22 179Congratulations to the ever so handsome Quigley! He will be our informal mascot of sorts this season, encouraging us all as Finch owners to become acquainted with the many beautiful parrot species we share the avian community with. He is a Rosy Bourke Parakeet (click here for more info about his species). Expect more stories and photos as the season progresses.

Isn’t he just so handsome and adorable?! I think so too! I could look at his gorgeous pictures all day. He is not only nice to look at, he’s also got a big heart and loves his people.

Here is how his owner (and momma) Kristy explains how he came to join her family: Quigley picked me as his own while picking up a hand-fed parakeet that wanted nothing to do with me. He loves to help me with everything, including decorating the Christmas tree each year by inspecting each ornament and making sure the branches are sturdy.

Visitors are greeted with a whistle and a kiss and evenings and weekends are full of cuddles, kisses and various tunes which he practices every day. Each morning we shower together and if extra rinse is needed jumps in with dad.

Quigley is never far behind and always arrives before we do, no matter where we are headed in the house.

Help an Avian Buddy (or Rescue) in need for the Holidays

what_is_christmasThanks to my Facebook account I’ve recently found out about a lot of avian rescues that I was not familiar with before, and their struggles to not only find homes for their angels but to continue to do what they love.

This year, I hope that everyone unable to adopt one of these angels into their homes either donates to their care or to the rescue caring for them. I also hope everyone chooses to adopt or foster even if they also choose to buy. Also remember, big birds are not like little birds in that they are a great bit different in personality & size of responsibility!

I’m very happy to be able to find such meaningful causes and great people to give to this year. I’m one of those people that believes in giving financially or voluntarily to something every holiday. I’m also one of those people that if my fiance didn’t stop me, I would donate every time I checked out at PetSmart, or whenever I see a can drive, or whenever I hear a Salvation Army Bell near Christmas time.

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