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What does it mean if my Finch is puffed up?

This means the bird is cold and is likely ill unless your house is below 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit or has just recently been over air conditioned.

Birds do not shiver if they’re cold, they instead fluff up their feathers to keep body heat trapped in air layers between the feathers. Think down comforter or jackets for yourself and what great insulators fluffed feathers are even for us mammals.  Continue reading


My bird started sleeping during the day and his breathing is labored. His droppings are yellow and watery. He also has crust around his eyes. Can you help?

Get him to an avian veterinarian immediately. He is very ill. He may have a bacterial or Chlamydial infection, which is affecting his respiratory system. The droppings sound like severe stress droppings or those seen with a gastrointestinal or kidney infection. First aid is to supply heat to his environment (have an area of the cage up 80-85 degrees F) known as a hot zone. Then get him to your avian veterinarian. Continue reading

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