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I found an injured wild bird outside, how can I take care of it?

Place it in a paper towel lined small box with air holes, and call your local wildlife center. They will be able to direct you further. Do not handle the bird other than the initial lifting and placement.

Additional response from Liz @ the Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Wa.:

After you have covered the bird, picked it up and placed it in a small box with air holes lined with paper towels, place it in a warm and quiet room. As soon as you are able to, bring the bird to us at Sarvey Wildlife (or your local wildlife center). If it is a long trip to do so, try giving the bird some Pedialyte with a little water to sustain them.  Continue reading

I just found an abandoned wild baby bird in our yard and gave it to my pet bird to foster. They seem to be doing great. Is this ok?

If the pet bird is feeding the baby wild bird, then leave it be at this time since you are unlikely to reunite the wild bird with its mother. There are some viruses and bacteria that wild birds may carry that could infect your bird.

At this time, I would let things continue since it seems to be working. However, if the baby wild bird becomes much larger than your (I am assuming finch) then it could become too much for your bird to do. Watch your bird closely for signs of fatigue and weight loss.

Answered by Cathy Johnson-Delaney, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian Practice, Dipl. ABVP-Exotic Companion Mammals.

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