TWFA Is Moving To

I’m working on a really big aviary update, filled with stories of babies and brand new breeders. I promise! But for now, all I will reveal is that the TWFA website is MOVING! Yes finally. I’ve been talking about a website I’ve been developing with help for about a year now (shhh we will call it a year), it’s time to put that thang into practice.

For the time being I’ll be using graphics I created, but I’m excited to see what the designers will come up with based on these new birds of mine.

Don’t be surprised if you see me soliciting for new pairs in various places – I’ve been adding newbies to the fold but I’m also not finished yet, which is why the “My Finches” page hasn’t been finished yet. Always very exciting to add new birds to the flock and I haven’t done it since the Gouldian flock almost a year ago.

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