comment_iconReview from Kimberly (Wa.) – Adopted 1 RH PB GB Gouldian male ~ August 2014.
Hi Chelsea! He is doing great! We named him Norm. 🙂 He has two playmates and is enjoying his new home! We haven’t had any problems with molting or anything so we are very pleased! It would be nice to come see your new setup and see the flock. At this time we are not wanting to breed Norm, but we may in the future so I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

comment_iconReview from Bria (Wa.) – Adopted 1 Society Finch Male (Chocolate Pied) ~ September 2014.
He is awesome! They love each other! And yes, they are very attracted to each other. They even sing to each other. It’s awesome.

Adoption Update: Stanley [hand tame Society male mate] has been trying to get him to trust me more. We had them both out and Stanley kept flying over to him and then back to me and singing. It was cute. He is slowly trusting us.

comment_iconReview from Kim (Ca.) – Adopted 1 Phaeo male, 3 females: YB CFW, Fawn, Penguin BB ~ July 2014.
Stayed with them 45 min to make sure everyone is happy. The Phaeo started right in moving bedding around in the highest perch. The CFW made everyone aware she is the leader. The Fawn & Penguin are not sure what to think yet. That is hysterical!

Adoption Update: Everything is going great! Phaeo and CFW are still in the penthouse, and stealing any new “fluff” I put in the cage for nesting, including the hay. They can barely fit in the penthouse anymore, it has so much stuffing in it. Penguin has joined Fawn in the coconut at night, and fondly groom each other during the day. CFW is the only one eating the ground sunflower seeds, the rest love the millet sprays and the mix. Penguin is the loud one, with a “horn” sound, he uses often.

We are enjoying them so much! They wake up around 7 am, ready for fresh water in their dishes and bird bath. New food to eat, then comes grooming time under the lamps. My boys (since being kicked out of the Penthouse within the first hour the new guests arrived, have taken homage in the Tiki hut. I think I will get rid of the two littler ones that are not used, for more flying room. They seem happy and more entertained with their new, extended family members. I am learning about supplements from Gary at Frisky Finches, so I can keep them healthy and strong.

Your communication, your packaging, and the quality of your birds, have all been top notch. I think about your Miles every now and then, and think what a lucky boy he was to have you as his mom, though his life was short, it must have been very loving. Hugs.

5843074_IMG_1484.jpg 5843093_IMG_1486.jpg


comment_iconReview from Caela @ Bridges Pets (Wa.) – Adopted 2 unrelated pairs
of Phaeo & BC CFW ~ June 2014.
I have finally had a chance to meet them today, and they are very beautiful and sweet!! They have lovely little songs as well, they started singing to me as I walked over. It looks like they are all doing very well, playing with their toys and enjoying hopping and exploring their new homes. I can tell which one hasn’t molted all the way yet, he looks a bit ruffled but I think it just adds to his charm.

I am very excited to have these beautiful little ones in our store, and hopefully our customers will be just as excited! We’ve already had people remarking how lovely they are 🙂 We’ll make sure to give them lots of love and care until they find their forever homes, thank you so much again for allowing us the chance to bring these beautiful birds in, and I hope to be able to work with you more in the future!


comment_iconReview from Jesse (Ga.) – Adopted 10 pairs + 1 male Zebra Finches; mutations: Phaeo, BC, BC CFW, CFW, NG, Penguin, Gray Cheek, & Yellow Beak ~ June 2014.
Hi, Got the birds at 6am and they are doing great. Thanks.

Adoption Update: Hi, Just letting you know how much I am enjoying my zebra finches I got from you. I want to add to my list to get another pair of Phaeo Zebras. Your the best.


ondineReview from Ondine (Wa.)Adopted 1 Fawn YB female & 1 Phaeo (FC) female to socialize with existing 2 female Zebras ~ May 2014. 
Thought I’d say hi and give you an update on the girls. We ended up separating the girls from the first two we got. The first two just were relentless in their picking! so, we got a cage with a removable wall – and they can all be together – just not really together. I think we found the right mix! We’re excited and love our girls and can’t wait to add to the family.

I’ve found the gals from you are much kinder and more relaxed than the petco finches. I cannot believe how much I’ve fallen in love with them. I’ve always been a cat/dog person but we can’t have them – as Rob has terrible cat/dog allergies. But the finches are awesome. And you’re right – each one of them has such a fun personality. They are our children now in every sense of the word. It’s so much fun to have them around – we can’t wait to add to our family. Thanks again Chelsea – you’ve been an absolute wealth of information and support. We are both very thankful to have been able to meet you!

comment_iconReview from Margie (Wa.)Adopted 1 BF BC male Zebra Finch ~ April 2014.
He’s been singing to her and spending a lot of time in the nest sitting on eggs, so much so that we thought he might be a female. Macy seems to like him so far.


Adoption Update: Hey Chelsea, in so eggcited I had to send you a note. The male finch I adopted from you several months ago, which is now Willie, is doing wonderful with his new love Macy! They got to it right away and later began nest building. I gave a week after the hatch date but nothing. I removed the eggs, which kinda looked like 3 but ended up being 15! Good God, they weren’t meant to be! Whew! Well, they immediately began the nest rebuild. Duh! Didn’t even know there were eggs in it again because of the tiny entrance and nesting material. They both immediately started sleeping in it. Well, thought we heard chirps the other day but wrote it off. Yesterday I again got out my flashlight and there are eyes staring back at me! Uh oh! Not sure yet how many, color or ? Geez, hope there aren’t 15 again LOL! Here’s two pics of Macy with her friend Willie today! Thanks so so much for hooking me up with her boy toy! 

comment_iconReview from Sue (Wa.)Adopted 1 hand tame Fawn Penguin BB Zebra Finch ~ February 2014.
I put her in the cage with Copter [hand tame male] and they cuddled right up to each other and went into the nest. He’s been singing to her non stop and building while shit sits inside the nest watching him. They’re so cute together and really seem to like each other!

Adoption Update: Princess met my grandson today. She sat in his hand like it was nothing, I was so proud of her! Thank you so much for all of the advice & information, it’s been really helpful.

10003349_721970577843289_148092201_n 3634_721970481176632_1286785539_n

Review from Rebecca (Ab.) – Adopted 1 hand tame Phaeo Zebra Finch ~ September 2013.
He’s tucked into his giant new cage now. Saw him eat some millet. Awwwww!! 🙂 Thank you so much for the bird!! 😀

Thoroughly enjoying his new giant cage!

This time he hopped by and pecked at the syringe, took a drink, then continued fluttering around. Maybe he’ll learn. 🙂 His color is beautiful!!!

Adoption Update: So he is singing this morning–what an adorable little tinkling song!!  He’s quite unlike the others I have, which I’m very excited about.  A literal new voice in the aviary! I tried offering him a syringe for 5-ish minutes, and he sang at me, then hopped down and started munching on millet inches from my hand. I’m so excited to see how his coloration will turn out :).  I love the golden/buffy lacing on his wings!!

Another Update: I tried offering him a tiny piece of millet spray, and after much deliberation, he hopped in my hand. He’s so cute, I love him!! Feeling his little finchy feet hopping on me was SUCH a pleasure. If I hadn’t been trying to be so calm and reassuring I would have squealed. 😉

Another Update: Got him to hop on this evening, even with his seed bowl still out! I love that he continues to investigate what I’ve got in my hand, whether he’s hungry or not!

comment_iconReview from Bill (Wa.) – Adopted 3 pairs of Zebra Finches ~ August 2013.
Just a quick note to tell you the finches are doing great have moved them to their breeding cages but won’t put in nests for at least 3 more months.

comment_icon Review from Rodrigo (Wa.) – Adopted a Zebra Finch Pair ~ July 2013.
They are starting to cuddle up with each their. They were taking a nap in the food bowl as if it were a nest. The male sings a lot! And they like jumping around from branch to branch. 🙂

Here is a picture of Rodrigo’s pair enjoying their new aviary: 

comment_iconReview from Suzanne (Wa.) – Adopted 3 Zebra Finch hens ~ May 2013.
The girls are looking more like the same size now, and LOVE to eat! They are in a separate room, keeping my paralyzed rabbit company. I love their sweet beeps, and they beep back to me when I call to them. This morning they even heard me shift the blanket before getting up and started beeping “good morning”–must have super-sensitive ears! They seem very happy, bright and active.

Adoption Update: Adopted 3 Zebra Finch males ~ July 2014. 
The little males have made themselves at home right away, I just popped them right in with the girls and NO PROBLEM! They love their new little girlfriends, no fuss, and I love their new sounds and happy flutters. They line up in a little row on the perch, it’s adorable. They are my Z-Squad. Review from Marie (Wa.) – Adopted an unrelated Zebra Finch Pair ~ April 2013.
My birds are really active, singing and happy.  The little hen’s beak turned orange just like you said it would.  The little male tickles me with all the crowing he does and the little hen chimes right in.  He has a cute little song. The little hen does lap flights every day. They are so cute. I have their cage next to my desk in my office while I do some rearranging to get the configuration I want. They sit on the branch closest to the desk and talk to me. I am so happy I bought these finches from you. I have had so much fun with them.

Adoption Update: I am so excited.  Sarah laid her first egg today. I found it on the floor of the cage next to the feeder.  Both birds have started carting bedding into the nest. They have been chasing each other around the cage and then settle down on a branch to cuddle and preen each other. They take turns going in the nest now. I really do enjoy these little guys.

Here is a photo of Abraham & Sarah (unrelated breeding pair) and their first healthy clutch of youngsters:

comment_iconReview from Katy (Pa.)Adopted a related Zebra Finch Pair ~ April 2013.
The birds have arrived safe and sound. They are beautiful!! Thank you!!!!! Oh they are just lovely!

Adoption Update: Just wanted to drop you a note – the birds are great!  They are sleeping nuzzled up against each other and generally seem happy.  So all’s well.

Review from Blake @ 253_heartGreen Forest Aviaries – It was a pleasure to meet Chelsea for the first time in person and it was obvious her passion for birds which makes it all that more comforting when selling or rehoming your birds. I highly recommend The White Finch Aviary for anyone looking for quality bred finches with the most love one can throw at them. 🙂

Comments from Jini Review from Jini (Md.) – Adopted a CFW Zebra Finch Male companion for her NG Zebra Finch Male in 2010.
I am loving my new baby white finch….she snuggled up to my male this morning and he put his head on top of her and they stayed that way for a long time. So sweet. They were both in the nest all night! I think they are having fun exploring the new cage and all it’s fun perches and food trays. I so appreciate all your help, you are truly the Finch Queen!!! Looking forward to sharing more finch related stories. You are the best.

Adoption Update (July 2014): I still have my little white finch from you, the one we thought was a female but turned out to be a male. He’s been living peacefully with my original guy [and they get along well].

comment_icon Review from Pat (Md.)Adopted a White Zebra & Black-Cheeked Zebra Pair for her & her granddaughter in 2010.
I’ve been so looking forward to this pair. Everything is going well with them. Thanks for all of the useful information!

comment_icon Review from Anonymous @ LGF – I’ve been a loyal customer of LGF since 2009. All of the staff members there are especially knowledgeable & helpful.
You have a lovely website with impressive photography! Have you ever seen Twin Beaks Aviary’s cage photos? Amazing, what they have created in these small spaces. I look forward to our continued relationship, both in business and friendship.

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