My Finches

This page is under construction! Please excuse my dust as I gather photos, collect data, etc. for this page as there have been lots of changes made to the flock during my brief hiatus. And check back again soon!!


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  2. mason says:

    Hi there I have been trying to get a hold of a hand raised or young finch for a long time. After much inquiry i was reccomended to visit this site because you have handraised finches. If you do have any I would like to know how the prices. I am specifically looking for zebra or sociity finches but any finch is better than no finch. Thank you for your time.

    • Hey there Mason! Thanks for the inquiry & I’m happy to hear you reached TWFA via a positive recommendation. 🙂

      Right now I’m raising 4 juveniles by hand, half of which are weaned and all of which are already spoken for. They will be leaving the aviary momentarily (I will miss them!) and when they do, I’ll be selecting new eggs to raise inside the brooder. So my next question would be – what type of mutation would you like for your hand-raised Finches? I can pick eggs from any of my breeding pairs in any combination you like.

      My prices for hand-raised Finches start with a $75 hand-tame fee which includes all of the work training that I do, plus whatever the cost would be for the Finch itself. I use a 4-tier pricing system based on rarity, difficulty to breed & quality. My hand-raised offspring are taught to step up, perch on shoulders, come when called, accept/seek affection & to avoid landing on faces or heads.

      The next step after you choose the mutations you’d like would be for you to fill out an adoption application which will help me gauge your experience level and provide the best possible match as well as any necessary information. I also sent this info in an email.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

    • Hello Mary! I don’t have any owl finches and I never bred or kept them before. However you might want to try Barbi’s Bird House which is located nearby in Bainsbridge, WA. Good luck in your search!!

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