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If you have any parrots or other non-Finch birds available for adoption, rescue or just re-homing, feel free to have an ad posted here. Breeders please use Community Listings for stock or offspring unless in special cases.


Bean, while she was determined to incubate seed.

Bean, determined to incubate seed.

Hi finch friends!

This is Becca — I posted several months ago about my work as an ornithology technician in the New Hampshire forests.

I also keep a small (but growing) colony of zebra finches in a spare room in my apartment.  I can’t wait to post someday to share with you my trials and tribulations as a new finch owner but longtime bird lover, though for now I post with a different purpose!

I have embarked on the journey of breeding these little birds from time to time, both for my own personal enjoyment and to encourage pair bonding to stabilize my once-squabbling colony.

Given my space limitations, however, I sometimes find myself with several babies in need of good homes.  Chelsea has kindly allowed me to advertise my available birds here.  She has been a truly invaluable mentor in helping me foster these fat little friends!

Pancake, sitting fat and sassy.

Pancake, sitting fat and sassy.

Right now, I am looking for homes for three CFW sisters and a CFW/Fawn male.  Their parents, named Bean and Pancake, are personal favorites of mine for their especially fluffy demeanor and bold personalities.

The fledgies are still young (less than 2 months old) and seem to delight in rolling around in feces, but they are sweet and perky — and just starting to squeak tiny “beeps” of their own.

Here are a couple of fledgie photos:

Proud father Pancake with a son and daughter.

Proud father Pancake with a son and daughter.

Two CFW sisters, hanging out on the millet.

Two CFW sisters, hanging out on the millet.

In the future, I will also have available additional fledglies from my other pair, Snowball (CFW female) and Lester (NG male).  Snowball may be split to pied and both parents are carrying unknown coloration genes, resulting in some pretty exciting offspring like those shown here (with an unrelated adult Penguin female):

Penguin Sally (left) sneaks into a photo with young male Shadow (center) and his light-colored sister (right).

Penguin Sally (left) sneaks into a photo with young male Shadow (center) and his light-colored sister (right).

Finally, I will also someday have little squeakers from my BC pair, Lucy and Rocky:

Snowball (left) cuddling with Lucy and Rocky, my BC pair.

Snowball (left) cuddling with Lucy and Rocky, my BC pair.

Please let me know if you are interested in current or future babies!  I am located in Alabama, but I should be able to ship.  Contact me via email.

Thank you, and happy finch keeping!


2 Rescued, Related Pairs ~ Free to Good Home
By Terri

I recently acquired a pair of Zebra Finches and four babies, a lady was selling them all and the cage for $25 so I bought them mainly to get them out of the deplorable state they were in. They look very healthy amazing enough, but the cage looked like it had never been cleaned.

Long story short, I brought them home. They are eating well and I have been giving them a better diet than they had , starting slow , I don’t want to tax their  systems. The babies are feeding themselves now with only a little feeding from Mom and Dad, They are good parents even herding them into the nest when it is time to go down for the evening. I would really like to find good homes for the little one’s.

Please contact me for more information or to adopt these 2 pairs of juveniles. You can reach me by emailing me – click here for my address.

Update! (by Chelsea): These babies have all been adopted! Thanks to everyone for helping them find a new home. 🙂 We are truly a family and community of bird lovers – it makes me proud to see people lending a hand.

Adoptions for Classrooms & Other Communities

Featured Adoptables of the Week

These birds have been featured on the TWFA Facebook page as the Adoptable Pet of the Week. This feature is for all types of feathered friends not found at TWFA who in need of loving forever homes, and was designed to . It’s a great place to regularly find anything other than Finches including Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Macaws, etc.

Blue & Yellow Parakeet
From CARE in West Richland, Wa.

Here is our little Peeps! She and Tweets came to us when their humans were moved to an assisted living facility. Peeps love to check out how beautiful she is in the mirror. She murmurs and complains to Tweets.

Peeps is one year old and is looking for a safe stable home to make her own. She hasn’t been taught much but she is a nice bird who will really benefit from a loving family. She comes with her own cage and mirror. She and Tweets can be adopted separately. There is no adoption fee to the right family for Peeps.

Bella (& “Cousins”)
From the CAAPS/SPCA in Pullman, Wa.

Bella and her twins Tango, and Mona-Lisa are 1 year old, white / black wings, beautiful, sweet, Homing Pigeons. Their mother is also black and white. They live with their 22 cousins in a loft and have a large flying cage. They are up for adoption: we are looking for an appreciative guardian/s, with an aviary.

Zebra Finch
From the Humane League of Lancaster County, Pa.

Congo African Grey
From the Exotic Bird Rescue of OR

My name is Shakespeare and I’m a 16 yr old Congo African Grey. I lived with my last family for 16 years, they hand fed me at the breeder until I was ready to go home. Since then I’ve been in a couple different households, but always the same family. They took great care of me and I got to interact with dogs, cats, and smaller birds. I love walnuts, popcorn, and imitating the telephone when I know my foster mom is in the other room doing something. It’s really funny when she runs into the room to pick up the ‘phone’!

I’m really hand shy when I’m in my cage, but once you coax me out and onto the couch with you I’m very happy to sit and watch tv with you. Sometimes I get really scared and try to bite, that’s why my foster mom always wraps a towel around her hand when she gets me out of my cage. Don’t worry though, it just takes me a while to learn to trust people. I don’t make very much noise at all, sometimes I think my foster mom forgets I’m there cuz I’m so quiet! When I want fresh water….I love to make birdy soup, it’s the best!…I tap my beak on my ceramic bowl until my foster mom gets the hint, it works when I want seed or pellets too! I’m not too into toys, I’d much rather check out what you are doing. After all, humans are the best entertainment for a bird like me! 🙂 If you adopt me I’ll be a wonderful companion. I just want a nice quiet household, with a new family that has lots of patience to teach me to trust, and where I can be the center of attention of course!

From South FL Wildlife Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 

Pied Zebra Finch
From Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, Wa. 

Finchy is getting quite used to people stepping inside the flight cage and, although a more high strung little guy, he is much calmer with these human giants entering his space.

When I am cleaning the bottom of the cage, one cockatiel comes readily down to help me.  Finchy comes down after a few minutes along with the parakeet and they all ‘help’ clean up the bottom and get new newspaper in.

He doesn’t mind the company of the cockatiels and the parakeet.  He seems to enjoy it and will often sit with Cisco the cockatiel.

Kay Sweet
White Bellied Caique
From Northwest Bird Rescue in Vancouver, Wa. 

K is a very sweet girl that can be nippy at times. She is seeking a warm home with low traffic. And No Children. Caique’s have been called the clown of birds and our girl is . She our girl loves to play around a lot. She is known to be possessive of her owner and she can be nippy at times. She’s also a bit spoiled and will cry songs to call her owner. She needs to be in sight of her new parent most of the time. We need to be picky of her new home.

*Again* She DOESN’T like children. We would love to find a low traffic home with loving parents who can appreciate her energetic spirit She doesn’t speak much, but she is very tame and loves to ride on one’s shoulder.

We are recommending a low traffic home. Also, we can Not and will Not place any bird in a home that also houses any dachshund dogs or and Terrier mix breed dogs. Both of these breeds of dogs have a bad history of injuring and killing birds

From the Seattle Animal Shelter

Blueberry  came into the Seattle Animal Shelter as a stray. He was hungry and tired, and had a sore foot. He’s done well at the shelter; his foot is better, and he’s happy, well-fed and looking for a new forever home.

If you think Blueberry might be the right new friend for you, come into the Seattle Animal Shelter and let Blueberry fluff his pretty blue feathers for you!

There is a low fee to adopt a parakeet from the Seattle Animal Shelter; however, you are expected to make a lifetime commitment to your adopted bird. The primary caregiver must be a responsible adult. Your parakeet should be treated as an integral part of the family. With good care and lots of love, parakeets can live to be 15 years old.

Senegal Parrot
From Lair of Dragon Bird Rescue in Lancaster PA

Sweetie is a very sweet Senegal parrot. He would make a great companion for a older couple just looking for one small loving bird to spoil rotten and cuddle with.

From Parrot Earth‘s Sponsor A Parrot Program 
(April 2013)

“‘My online friend Arizona found an ad for a cockatoo for $200 in a local buy/sell publication called the Iwanna. He called about the bird and was told that the cockatoo was actually $250, and that it was cheap because it had a ‘overactive sex drive’ and currently had a ‘cherry’ hanging out where the sex drive is. He requested that they send him a photo of the bird, which they texted to him, and he forwarded to me.

It was clear this bird had a prolapse, although the initial photo didn’t let us know how severe the prolapse really was. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew the cockatoo needed immediate medical attention. I quickly scraped together the money, grabbed a friend, and drove an hour and a half to pick up Arizona. We then drove to the address we were given to pick up the cockatoo. Pulling into the driveway my heart sank – you could just feel this wasn’t going to be a good situation. Arizona told me that one the phone the cockatoos owner indicated that the bird was living outside in a separate building. We were hoping that the owner would leave the bird in the building so we could evaluate the surroundings and condition of its living situation.’

Click here to contact Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village and help Sebastian… he has helped us learn, now it’s time to return the favor.”

Photo by Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

Thelma & Louise
Lutino & Pied Cockatiels
From the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon
(More personality info coming soon!) For more information, visit their website here.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village via Parrot Earth

Triton Cockatoo
From Parrot Earth‘s Sponsor A Parrot Program
(March 2013)
“Caesar was sold to a gentleman, we’ll call him John, at a bird fair in a cage that was so small he could not turn around in. You see John did not purchase Caesar for himself, but instead he got Caesar for his in-laws who had absolutely no bird experience.

Unfortunately because John’s in-laws knew nothing about parrots, they were not very pleased when this exotic beautiful feathered animal came into their house and began making all of this noise.  Certainly not the same behavior as the Triton Cockatoo on Beretta they had seen on TV.

So, a call was made and John had to come and reclaim his ‘gift’. Because it had been a little time, the bird fair was over, there was no finding the man who John had purchased Caesar from.  John then decided to just put Caesar on Craigslist and sell him. Thankfully John’s neighbor found out that he was going to do this and hopped in before he could place the ad. The neighbor, who we will call Sue, knew what would happen to this poor bird out in the world of Craigslist. Now I am not saying that Craigslist is bad, quite the opposite, but there are bird flippers etc. who will purchase a bird for a decent price, then turn around and resell them for a higher ‘rehoming fee’. Sue begged and pleaded for John to give her Caesar, so she could make a fresh start in a loving home for him. John finally agreed…

Sue contacted Miss Vicki (Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village) and they worked with Caesar for 4-5 months he was doing better, however when you have a bird that has behavioral issues, the entire family needs to be on board. So after painful deliberation Sue’s family decided to let him go live at Miss Vicki’s. That was in May of 2012… ‘He is extremely lovable, gets jealous very easily, and has some abandonment issues’.

Since being at Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village, they happen to get a good read on his leg band.  It seems the story that John received from the man who owned Caesar was, he was only 2.  However it is now known that he is not 2 but 20 and had a very long life before John ever bought him at a bird fair.  It probably will never be known what has happened to Caesar in his life and all of his trials and tribulations.  It is only known now that Caesar is now in need of love, care and a home who will be patient with him.  It is going to be a long haul showing him he’s worth it and doesn’t have to be afraid of being tossed away, but I think for the person that makes that commitment, it will be so worth it.”

Video still from the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

Triton Cockatoo
From the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon
“Static came to EBR after witnessing the tragic death of his friend and fellow cockatoo. After seeing his friend die he began to develop behaviorial problems such as screaming and refusing to step-up. Sadly, Statics behavioral problems became too much for his family to handle.

When Static came to his foster home he was scared. He had been with his previous family for his entire life and didn’t know anything else. Static has overcome many of his behavioral problems with the help of his foster parents. He now has a much larger cage and all the toys he can destroy. He will step-up when asked and is screaming less. Static is a beautiful bird that needs to be the center of your world. He craves the love and attention of his family all the time. Static loves to sit on your lap to be pet or play with his toys.”

Severe Macaw
From the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon
“Ruffles was fortunate to have an owner that loved her. She did not bond with other members of the family. Sadly, her owner passed away unexpectedly leaving Ruffles very sad and confused.

Family members cared for Ruffles and tried to form a bond with her. Ruffles disliked everyone except one young man. He spent a year caring for Ruffles before he could handle her without getting bit. Ruffles stayed with the family for many years until the young man left home to join the military.

Her foster parents have learned a lot about Ruffles since she joined EBR. She is incredibly fearful around women but loves men. Ruffles loves to cuddle and be pet by her foster dad but will not let her foster mom pet her. She can also be very protective of her foster dad when women are near. Ruffles is full of attitude and opinions and that is why we love her.

This beautiful bird is waiting for the perfect man to take her home. Ruffles is looking for a family that will give her plenty of attention and love. A family that has patience to help her learn and grow. Ruffles is looking for someone to help her overcome her fears and love her for the wonderful bird she is.”

Even More Feathered Friends ~ Looking For Homes
For a list of local bird rescues, visit the Links page. For more ways to donate to rescues or birds in need, read this past article.

Adoptions For Classrooms & Other Communities

Thinking of adding a pet to your classroom? Or maybe you’d like to set up a small aviary in your waiting room or indoor garden? LPBA is here to help with Community Finch Adoptions. This program allows you to:

  • Get discount pricing for multiple pairs
  • Purchase pre-setup cages and flights
  • Gather proper Finch care information
  • Schedule a visit for a Finch presentation
  • Choose from a wide range of color mutations
  • Adopt guaranteed healthy & happy Finches
  • Observe these beautiful birds in their environment

This service is available to school classrooms, extracurricular groups, religious, retirement or other communities. For more information or to sign up, please contact me.

Classroom pets encourage healthy child-pet relations, promote education and enthusiasm to learn. Teachers with classroom pets notice an increase in creativity, excitement and curiosity.

If you’re looking for a grant to enable having a classroom pet, visit this website called “Pets in the Classroom” (credit to them for these photos).

We know many school teachers have very limited resources for the support of classroom animals. That’s why the Pet Care Trust is sponsoring this program to help teachers support pets in the classroom through direct, no-hassle educational grants. You can obtain a grant for the purchase of new pets, pet environments or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets.

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