TWFA Video Channel

If you love to watch Finches or if you want to preview what it’s like to live with these interesting and beautiful birds, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find both individual breeding pair and aviary videos that may at times stream live from inside TWFA.

Live Footage Air Date Set for week of July 26th, 2013!
This season has been truly eventful so far! Our cameras are always in use for monitoring the health of our birds and greenhouse as a priority, and some days we are able to stream to a live channel. If you’re waiting for another live showing, check out some of the past videos. Future air dates are listed in each section.

From the TWFA Youtube Video Channel

This is a video of my hand-raised Phaeo Finch pair. They are very affectionate and come when I call them. They are about a month old in this video. I raised them with Lafeber’s Nutristart inside of my R-Com Mini Brooder. (Icarus & Daphne ~ Fawn Cheek BB “White Phaeo”)

This is my pair Icarus & Daphne ~ Fawn Cheek BB “White Phaeo.” Their cage has undergone some design changes since this video and they have been re-matched thanks to Daphne’s plucking of poor Icarus’ butt!

This is a video of my pair Leonidas & Lilac ~ Lightback BF BC. They are very friendly and nearly hand-tame. They also have beautiful babies now!

This is my hen Bella (BC CFW) sitting on eggs in her nest. This nest was their 2nd try for their 2nd clutch of the season (before they constructed their own in their millet!). After a perch adjustment they successfully hatched 6/6 of the eggs she is sitting on here who went on to really love their nest and use it to play in.

This is a video of my Pied Chocolate Society Finch pair taking a bath. They have not yet gotten used to the Insight model I give all of my pairs since it is more of an attached room. They will get the hang of it eventually!

Caged Finch Cam

Live soon! Last air date ~ May 1st 2013

Species: Zebra Finch
Mutation: LB BF BC
Names: Leonidas & Lilac
Ages: Young Adult >1 Year
Eggs/Babies?: Eggs removed this morning for incubation

Next Live Air Date: week of July 26th, 2013

Small Colony Aviary Cam 

Coming Soon!


Next Live Air Date: TBA

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